I am doing this challenge on tumblr and my blog. Basically I try to finish a drama every week. Feel free to join in :) Week 1 Zettai Kareshi 9/10
I wish I could do this. It's such a great idea! But there are not enough hours in a week for me to finish homework, work, go to school, eat, sleep, procrastinate, and finish one drama a week. Trust me I've tried... but I always get distracted...
I want to try it xP oki week 1: I'll finish Mirai Nikki until friday :D Hwaiting/fighto everyone who wants to take this challege! ^^
haha Cool! My blog is doing a similar thing. XD

I pledged to do 100 dramas in a year. :) Good luck with your challenge.
I wanna try it too, sounds fun :D though I've already finished one today and will finish another tomorrow since the last ep aired today ^^"
Well, there are drama addicts who finish a drama in three or four days *cough* me when I was addicted *cough*
I also want to join. Going to put the weeks and doramas in my profile Fighting.
It sounds fun but I can't guarantee I can finish 1 series a week. Good luck to everyone doing this challenge.
I have finished 2 dramas in 2013 so far Can we Get Married & Padam Padam :D
Rourou wrote: Well, there are drama addicts who finish a drama in three or four days *cough* me when I was addicted *cough*

being drama addict is bad Rou...kekeke!!!
i would love to do this, but i know i can't commit to 1 a week. maybe 52 in a year. i'm already behind, but will still try. good luck to all those participating.
Man, I could have done it this past year (actually I guess I did and just didn't know it as I watched about 100 dramas in a year), but my job is just about to get really busy so I've lost most of my drama watching time. Bummer. Good luck!
Sounds interesting. I think I'll try it. However, I have no idea where to start. Recommend some good dramas?
Although you mostly watch Japanese dramas try Secret Garden, Coffee Prince, Reply 1997 and Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
I recently watched Creating Destiny, it was a good drama.

Hungry! That's a good Jdrama. :)