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Hi everyone, 

I know some people here are interested in learning Chinese or wanting to improve their Chinese language. So, I thought maybe we can make a wechat group where we can practice chinese or give some advice on learning that. 

I would love too!!! Do let me know if this is accepted. I really want to master in Chinese.

PS: I'm a new learner, don't know how to write or read chinese characters but I do understand some words in pinyin.

do you use wechat? if so, what is your wechat id so that I can add you.
I am interested. But I am just about to start. I can understand a few words, but that is it.
id: rosasvangogh
@suyi01 I just re-open mine... hehe  ID: R21ah6
Please do add me up :) 
@silvermcv I cant seem to find your wechat ID so that I can add you.
If anyone else wants to learn chinese, post your wechat here~ 
did you add me up already? @suyi01 :)
@Rama-Rama yes i have already, but we need more people to join it.
yes, what's your wechat id ?
should you have knowledge of the Chinese language beforehand? i have zero knowledge but i would like to learn
no, you don't need to because i think some other people should have some basis of chinese knowledge already so they will share with us. its mostly about sharing our knowledge with each other.
Bump Bump Bump :)

if the groups still active/open:

if u guys need some help or advice on learning chinese heres my wechat id: @yolo-kass 

native hk'er here :)  grew up learning cantonese mandarin english