So yeah, I wanna know what are the first 5 websites that you usually open! :D

For me it goes like this:
1. Facebook! - I only open this to check notifications lol
2. Twitter
3. Rocketboxx - U-kiss' international forum~
4. MDL
5. Youtube

^ I think that's the correct order too, lol.

you guys can add more, if you want to! ^-^
I save my tabs so I don't have to worry about opening up the sites. They just automatically come up to the last page they were on when I exit the internet. XD
I usually don't close my browers and also save my tabs in case I do. But I suppose it would be: 1. BBC, another news website in my native tongue 2. a couple of forums 3. MDL, Soompi, tokyohive, etc. 4. a couple of blogs 5. youtube
1.MDL 2.Youtube 3.DC 4.the websites I use for my homework 5.Google
if i'm at home (in no particular order): tmz, dlisted, mdl, gmail, ameba pigg
yahoo, msn, mdl, youtube, nfl
For me..it's always like this.. 1.) Facebook...browse a little then if nothing to do close.. 2.) MDL...it's always open 3.) DC...i buff what i want to watch then goes back to mdl(sometimes I even forget I'm buffing something..kekeke) 4.) Youtube..but not as frequent as the 3.. 5.) some gossip site...
1. facebook 2. gmail 3. yahoo / ym 4. kimchidrama 5. mdl :)
1. angry asian man 2. knicksnow 3. dramacrazy 4. mydramalist 5. youtube
1. Porches-The University of Dayton student Website (including UDmail and Isidore) 2. Facebook- I check it ALL the time 3. Dramacrazy-to check for updates on subs/drama eps 4. MDL 5. Dramabeans or Fanfiction.net--depends on if it's a day where one of my Korean dramas comes out or not
Facebook MDL dramacrazy epdrama viki
1. MDL 2. some forums 3. tumblr 4. twitter 5. DC
1. Facebook 2. Hotmail (gotta delete all that spam mail) 3. Dramabeans 4. Allkpop 5.MyDramaList
Facebook (My news feed is loaded with Korean stuff. So if I find something interesting I'll click on it. I don't really use FB to talk to people lol) MSN (To check my hotmail, and messenger) Dramafever (If I feel like continuing a drama) Dramacrazy/Animecrazy (Used for watching stuff other sites don't have...) Aveoh (Depends on the day mainly just use it for God of War since they have episodes subbed before anybody else...) Youtube (To look at K-Pop vids :)) MDL of course... I think that's all I use on the web anymore lol