What's your mood?
Today i was happy and angry Happy because i got to see a dear person from a very long tme ago Angry because one of my patients blow up the hole program i prepared with him
Right now I'm sleepy (It's 11:30 PM here)
Today's mood was ruined by someone who was trying to pick a fight with me and of course i beated the hell out of him
Sleepy and cranky! But at the same time having spurts of hyperness from caffeine! :D
Sore...everything is sore. Even my eyelids are sore. Even the band aids on my toe blisters are sore. Sheesh...
Sleepy.. even though it's just 9am and I'm work:-(
exhausted-long day @work. 22 days till my vacation
feeling really hot from the heat, but also feeling motivated and eager!! yay!
very sleepy
Nervous, bored, sad, excited, depressed, annoyed... Not joking right now; my mood is like a bowl of ice-cream mixed with chocolate, salmon, pickles, and pepper. Makes me want to puke :P Can I have one emotion at a time please? All this crap swirled together just makes me feel BLEH. T.T I hate it