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Jhao - 2 Posts

Suggestions please!? :"> 

21 days ago
Mighty_Brosia - 205 Posts
This is highly recommended:
1. Queen Seon Duk
2. Ja Myung Go
3. Tree With Deep Roots
4. Empress Ki
5. The Princess Man

******I will edit my post coz I found another gem*****

1. Queen Seon Duk
2. Battle of Changsha
3. Ja Myung Go
 4. Tree With Deep Roots
 5. The Princess Man
21 days ago
Panda - 250 Posts
Princess man
six flying dragons
rebel ( currently airing )
empress ki
21 days ago
LovelyRoseAnne - 214 Posts
Highly Recommended:

1. Jumong
2. Moon Embracing the Sun
3. Jewel in the Palace
4. The Horse Doctor
5. Dong Yi
6. Lovers in the Moonlight
20 days ago
Ranya - 1114 Posts

1. Eternal Love 
2. The Princess Man'
3. Empress Ki 
4. Scarlet Heart Ryeo
5. Battle of Changsha 

Low on Romance 

1. Nirvana in Fire 
2. Battle of Changsha 
3. Six Flying Dragons
4. Bridal Mask 
5. Iljimae 
20 days ago
Regina - 67 Posts
1. Six Flying Dragons
2. The Princess' Man
3. Moonlight Embracing the sun
4. Empress Ki
5. Love in the Moonlight
20 days ago
rainruma - 363 Posts
1. The Princess' Man
2. Empress Ki  
3. Scarlet Heart (aka Bu Bu Jing Xin / BBJX) 
4. Sound of the Desert

Excellent Historical .... BUT low on Romance
Nirvana in Fire   
Battle of Changsha 
Six Flying Dragons  
Tree with Deep Roots

NOTE: Best subtitles for The Princess' Man are on Dramafever .... and Gooddrama (but video quality is not high)
Other streaming sites like Kissasian and Dramacool have subtitles w/ overly complex English, in both structure and vocabulary :((
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SooSoIsPerfection - 55 Posts
SCARLET HEART RYEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sound Of The Desert
Journey of flower
Prince of Lan Ling
20 days ago
KimHP - 4 Posts
1 Six Flying Dragons
2 Empress Ki
3 Dong Yi
4 The Great Queen Seondeok
5 The Moon Embracing The Sun
8 days ago
Sawatdeedrama - 552 Posts
Battle of Changsha
King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang
Scarlet Heart
The Young Warriors
Tamra, The Island
8 days ago
dayidream - 24 Posts
Princess' Man
Rebel ( currently airing )
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
8 days ago
Panda - 250 Posts
How is dong yi and queen seondeok for those who watched them? Any good?
7 days ago
Dani-san - 1 Post
I haven't watched Dong Yi yet, but Queen Seon Deok for me was really good! You mus watch it. Empress Ki as well. (^o^)
7 days ago
Fortuna - 148 Posts
@Panda Dong Yi has a female lead with good values. I liked the character a lot. As for the story, it could've been told in fewer episodes. Overall, it's a decent historical with a great OTP. As for Queen Seon Deok, it's on my list along with Jewel in the Palace.

@Rainruma I agree with your saying that some historicals mentioned here are excellent but low on romance.
7 days ago
Alekwang - 93 Posts
The princess' man
Moon lovers: Scarlet heart ryeo
Empress Ki
Queen Seondeok