Hello! :) Im curiouse about the students among you... -Whats your major, what are you studying? -Which semester? -Did you study anything else before?
Civil Engineering Sophomore majored in laziness - i can take my Ph in this field what about you??
Following your sequence - Architecture - Level 5 term 2( final year, final term) - You mean any other major before? Then no. Where's thread starters info, BTW? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Oh sorry I forgot :D My major is education science. :)
My major is English and my minor is Spanish. I am in my final semester of an 8-year college run (now currently attending the University of Dayton). Originally, I studied Communication Studies with a minor in music and English at Mount Vernon Nazarene University (I changed to English with a Communications minor in 2006). I have an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Arts Emphasis from Sinclair Community College in 2011. In May, I will have my Bachelor of Arts in English.
I'm a year 4 Economics and Business student.
My major is Translation and Interpretation Studies (English - Turkish - Japanese) and I'm in my 2nd year 3rd semester :)
Electronics & Communication engineering semester 5
My major is Biology and I'm a Sophomore in the exam period of the first semester. It's my only major but I have the extracurricular minor in English and Japanese.
catnip wrote: I'm a year 4 Economics and Business student.

hehe, me too.:)
My major is Astronomy, I'm in my 2nd year :)
Pharmacy 5th year! graduating this year~
I'll start my second semester soon, and I'm majoring law! ^^ I'm on the second year out of four!
Majoring in Chinese and minoring in business administration. Also minoring in Korean as an extracurricular activity. It's my first year and my first semester now. I studied mathematics for one year before.
Majoring in Nursing, minoring in the teaching of english im about to take korean as an extracurricular/ minor im in my first year i took one year of biochemistry