Have you ever finished a drama and go "What did I just watch?" or did you ever question it constantly but still watched it anyone even though you are probably left dissatisfied or even left going "This is not right..."? I thought we could all share dramas that made us feel this way because I have no idea where to talk about dramas like that on here so sorry ^^' Gold: This drama I only watched fro Ayano Gou. His character was interesting but they left him with an unsatisfying end. This complete drama as a whole was actually a WTF moment. I mean seriously, watch this drama and tell em if you can really understand why things are going as they are and why the mother is accepted for her actions so easily! Maybe the subs were mistranslated, maybe it was something else...I am not sure...but this drama left me going WTF and I am still not sure what went down with Ayano Gou's character. D: So...any drama or dramas that left you like this? XD
When I saw this the first thing that came to mind is the movie 'Acoustic'. It's really strange, it's kind of like three movies in one and none of them have endings so I was like WTF.
Assorted Gems definitely had a WTF ending
the whole time i watched playful kiss i was just dumbfounded.
Special Affairs Team TEN....i had WTF face on when watching this (in a good way)
Fashion King (the whole fracking mess, but especially the ending)
Bad Guy (the ending)
Mary Stayed Out All Night (although I enjoyed elements of it, the whole set up and plot was so ridiculous I kept saying WTF throughout)
I Miss You (I know a lot of people liked this, and I enjoyed the beginning but sometime around ep 10 or so I think I just said WTF and gave up. Now that I've read series reviews, I can see I was right.)
Tokyo Love Story...first time...I hate/can't reason out the ending!!! I felt cheated:)
Dream High 2

I dropped it after watching 2 episodes cuz the acting made me go what-the-fish. And I'm glad I did that.
cityhunter83 wrote: the whole time i watched playful kiss i was just dumbfounded.

I know, right.
I couldn't watch it anymore so I dropped it.
Both main characters made me go WTF.
Love Contract definitely made me go WTF. Not like anything really happened throughout the drama but the last episode had me so confused lol
The Bridal Mask - I couldn't even finish the first episode I was just so bewildered by it all LOL. Especially with all the hype it has.
BIG was a BIG WTF!!!
A movie called Love Exposure. The whole movie was like WTF am I watching but it was so damn good !
faith i went in with such high hopes. dropped after 5 ep. was v dissapointed., mayb i'll try it again tho... oneday
Jaejoong aside cuz he'll always be the drop dead gorgeous...i mean the guy's just freakin amzing...i soooo totally love the guy...bt sadly i cant say the same abt his latest n most anticipated movie!! "jackal is coming" !!! It was just plain disappointment :( ...the whole movie was the biggest WTFFF!!! Ever !! It was so soo soooo LAME tht i cld cry :/ (-_-)

P.s saranghayeo. Jaejoong <3 his acting was gr8!! *_*