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heol ( when something is cheesy )
col ( means deal )
ta sa jeolke ( will buy them all for you)
dogo mamdero ( according to whom)
ka (go)
chugulleh (wanna die)
mitchin seki (crazy basterd) , or mitchin-nom(crazy guy) or mitchin-yon (crazy girl)
nabon seki (bad basterd) nabon-nom (bad guy) (nabon-yon) bad woman (bitch)
haji-ma (don't do it)
kaji-ma (don't go)
(wolji-ma (don't cry)
metchaso ? (are gone crazy)
numul (tears)
(mami-abba) my heart hurts

hajiman naneun tallah (but i'm different)
tchariso ( you did good)

shirooo ( i don't want to)
me wo (hate)
shinshim (sincerity) 
hwak-shrieh ( are you sure)
krom (sure)

mulaa (don't know)

tak han beonman (just one more time) 

sol (alcohol) , uyu (milk)

mul (water) + kogi (meat) = mulkogi (fish)

taq (chicken) 

bab (rice) and sometimes they use it to mean food in general (bab meog-esoyo) ? (did you eat your food)

moksori (voice)

i think if i continued , i won't stop :D
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Aish! - Always saying that when something goes wrong:)
Omo / Omona - when being surprised
(aaah) gwiyoewo - (screaming with a high tone mixed with laughing) cute
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Aish is the one I use often????
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