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Sticky: [Guidelines] Read BEFORE making a new thread!

by Ari_Lee
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Sticky: [Directory] Actor/Actress List

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[Discussion] Gong Yoo

by Jeaniessi
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Korean Actors/Actress You Wish to Comeback Very Soon

by Pinoy_Oppa
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Best Actor based on acting ability

by Pinoy_Oppa
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Who are your favorite Korean Actors?

by kokoronoyami_sy
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Who are your favorite Korean Actresses?

by kokoronoyami_sy
214 13.1K Syazreen Aida 6 days ago

If you've got only ONE chance to choose, who would you choose?

by Marooya
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Ugly koreans?

by Chanyeols-Wife-EXO
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Three Actors that is always suitable to be the main lead and not as supporting actors.

by Mighty_Brosia
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[Discussion] Seo In Guk

by Jeaniessi
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Take ONE Korean Actor/Actress/Musician You Would Want To Meet

by reph
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Your most hated actor?

by YummyD
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Drama because of the actor?

by skysija
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Actor/Actress with the best cry?

by jasg83
36 2.7K NadeshikoLi Nov 22, 2016 11:11 AM

[Discussion] Lee Jun Ki

by Rosie
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Best Actresses based on acting ability

by Hanah
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