9 days ago
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Lee Minho, Yoona and most idol actors/actresses
8 days ago
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really park shin hye she looks sad all the time
8 days ago
Eudrya - 6 Posts
Lee Min Ho
I always avoid his dramas now because he seems to always play a jerk in every one. I'm sick of it.
7 days ago
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Lee min ho
Park shin hye
Hwang Jung Eum
7 days ago
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Lee Min Ho
Go Ah Ra
7 days ago
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Ah! What a beautiful forum~ let me just warm up for a bit *does weird stretches* 

Let's begin~ 

> So Na Eun
> Han Ga In
> Lee Min Ho
> Jun Ji Hyun (or maybe because I've always viewed her with guys she looks 10 years older than)
> Seohyun
> Seolhyun
> Yoona
> tbh~ most idols who get roles in dramas are weird to watch. 

7 days ago
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