29 days ago
RubyMoon - 3 Posts
Queen of Ambition ( drama)
Breathless ( Korean Movie)
29 days ago
ari - 11 Posts
for movies miracle in cell no. 7 takes the cake for sure, i cried an actual river watching that. and as for dramas - it's okay that's love, kill me heal me, signal and moon lovers.
16 days ago
Docta - 76 Posts
Stairway to Heaven
49 Days
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
The Princess' Man
Empress Ki
16 days ago
MinaVIP - 197 Posts
For Movies:
The last prince
The sword with no name

For dramas:
1 Litre of tears
White christmas
Nirvana in Fire
That Winter the wind blows
15 days ago
RoyalMajesty - 190 Posts
For Movies:
Train to Busan
My Annoying Brother
A Werewolf Boy

For Dramas:
Stairway to Heaven
Winter Sonata
Autumn Tale
15 days ago
yukitomo - 30 Posts
the incarnation of money 
15 days ago
RueXie - 35 Posts
49 days (destroyed me)
cruel city (swollen eyes)
queen of ambition 
yellow boots 
who are you 2013
empress ki
golden rainbow
the devil (so freaking sad)
the princess man
the master of revenge:god of noodles
marriage contract
that winter the wind blows


always you
man in high heels
15 days ago
Sharn - 120 Posts
Dear My Friends. I almost lost my breath for this.