Mar 24, 2017 09:03 AM
SeHee - 25 Posts
These dramas had me crying my eyes out in some parts:

Descendants of the Sun
Goblin (SO depressing)
Moon Lovers


Train to Busan
Miracle in Cell No. 7
A Millionaire's First Love
Will You Be There?
17 days ago
Ragnhild - 99 Posts
Train to Busan
Miracle in Cell No. 7
17 days ago
Jeana - 9 Posts
I'm sorry I love you
Empress ki
Kill me heal me

Honestly you can cry in any show depending on your mindset at the time :p

10 days ago
zuojenn - 21 Posts
More than blue 
9 days ago
Elle - 70 Posts
moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo 
6 days ago
fryyyy - 9 Posts
In the Kdrama catagory: "Stairway to Heaven".   Tears, tears, tears and i 'm a guy.. or thought i was till i watched that drama.  Kdrama's can make me cry.  Windstruck was a powerful performance too for the movie catagory  Both shows are personal favorites they get my highest recommendations.
6 days ago
Aexuz - 531 Posts
The Crucible is the only korean movie I've cried so far.
6 days ago
unicornislife - 5 Posts
Miracle Cell No. 7
Never Said Goodbye (Chinese-Korean Movie)
5 days ago
Nilou96 - 17 Posts
49 Days
A Love to Kill 
Cruel City
Endless Love
Gu Family Book 
Moon Lovers 
Tree of Heaven 
Uncontrollably Fond
Warrior Baek Dong Soo

3 days ago
Freddy - 28 Posts
Hello Ghost.... At first I thought it was going to be a corny comedy but man did it make me cry, such a great movie, highly recommend it.
3 days ago
rian - 109 Posts
Wedding dress - movie
I'm sorry I love you - k drama
nice guy - k drama
3 days ago
ThomasNL - 134 Posts
Now there are plenty of sad drama's out there, but those I found I guess the most touching ones from what I've watched. Now two of them are Chinese and not Korean, but definitely worth to watch, so that's why I mentioned them.

- Nice Guy - Korean Drama
- Aftershock - Chinese Film
- Assembly - Chinese Film
- Road Number One - Korean Drama
- The Yellow Sea - Korean Film
3 days ago
Starki - 4 Posts
Drama :

Defendant ( I cried so much thanks to Ji Sung )

Movie :

Miracle in Cell No. 7 ( I was a mess after watching this movie )