Apr 18, 2017 01:04 AM
MrBanana - 6 Posts

Tried to watch Goodbye Mr.Black and something just felt "off" with that drama. Also very slow paced and draggy. Had to drop it... =(

What was the last Korean drama you dropped?

Apr 18, 2017 01:04 AM
Wednes - 216 Posts
I dropped Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo for so many reasons. First of all, I watched it long after it finished airing, and I've heard and read too many reviews and spoilers. Usually I do that for every story, but none of the elements I found in the spoilers kept me wanting to continue. Still, even if I didn't read any spoiler, I entire production itself was pretty much overrated for me. That show was pretty much trying to sell a reverse-harem kind of story with almost every single prince liking IU's role (Hae Soo) without any deep connection between every single character. The love story was so vague, and the main storyline of Lee Junki's character (Wang So) becoming the king was not cliche but sooooo not interesting. Nothing made much sense to me. I dropped it without regrets. I'm a huge fan of IU as a singer, but I disagree with her choice to star in this story. The only time I enjoyed her was in The Producers.
Apr 18, 2017 03:04 AM
Poia - 28 Posts
You Are Too Much, didn't like the change of actress, beside the story became too much about backstabbing and revange. 
Apr 25, 2017 04:04 PM
Otps4Life - 152 Posts
DOTS it bored me to tears-.- 
Apr 25, 2017 09:04 PM
RueXie - 48 Posts
doctors .. 

i didn't drop it , but i speed watched it .. skipped most of it .. the first three episodes was good but after that it bored the hell out of me .. there were no chemistry , no events , no nothing .. and park shin hye is the queen of (i really can't act but i will still act) she is emotionless, cold and her face gives you nothing but lameness .. 
Apr 26, 2017 01:04 AM
Angelina - 972 Posts
Doctors, I dislike student, teacher romance a lot.
8 days ago
real_Mokona - 34 Posts
Cinderella and four Knights...it was nice at the beginning but everything became was soooo predictable, less ingenious and boring
8 days ago
Antonin - 116 Posts
Not dropped (yet) but Suspicious Partner and DotS on-hold, it just didn't appeal to me or hold my interest so far.

I almost dropped Another Miss Oh, but felt that it was short enough and just finished it lol. I didn't like the premise of the show. I love the sound guys and the way they show how sound editing/recording works though. At one point I was just watching the show for the main lead's sister, stole the show imo.
8 days ago
SisAH - 4 Posts
As I hate dropping my dramas bc I actually need to watch it all so I can give it low feedbacks, the last one I dropped was One More Happy Ending.
But one I'm on the edge right now is Bride of the Habaek (Water God). 
8 days ago
krishtal - 64 Posts
can't buy me love

literally the sound effects is so weird i just can't stand watching it
6 days ago
nari - 13 Posts
weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

seriously the hype for this isnt worthy at all lol 
6 days ago
sensitivity - 95 Posts
legend of the blue sea... it was so so pretty but i cant force myself to care about lee min ho at all...
6 days ago
OliCT - 227 Posts
Suspicious Partner.....it got boring for me.
School 2017...if that counts....since only 2 eps are out but I just don't like it.
6 days ago
Naksken - 722 Posts
The Bride of Habaek.

I usually give dramas 4 episodes before i drop them but i was so bored in episode one i just couldn't continue.
6 days ago
KmjSsk - 178 Posts
Madame Antoine (i dont even know if i spelled it right)

i usually watch a few eps to c if the drama is worth watching, after watching 2 eps i dropped it, the plot was irritating and main dude is an unethical sleaze.
cant believe i wasted 2hrs of my life watching some dumb sh like this.
i only started this drama cuz i liked 'psychological/psychology' dramas, but fk this sh was bad.