11 days ago
JamesPowell - 1 Post
Can anyone recommend any asian dramas that has a love triangle with one guy and 2 girls (both girls like the guy)? One of the girls could be a second lead female. I don't mind if it's a love square with another guy liking the main female lead but I like this to exist to a lesser extent. I already watched My Lovely Girl, Save the Last Dance for Me, Man Comes to Tang Dynasty, The Crossing Hero, My GF is a Gumiho, Kill Me Heal Me, Someone like you etc.
11 days ago
pigtails4ever - 221 Posts
Someone Like You
Doctor Stranger
Devil Lover
11 days ago
Angelina - 234 Posts
Weightlifting Fairy (Although the guy obviously doesn't like the second lead girl anymore)
Innocent Man
11 days ago
OliviaThamara - 67 Posts
Let's Eat (Season 1) - I just finished it and it was pretty good.
My Princess
What Happens to My Family? - I really really liked this one.
Marriage, Not Dating -I loved this one too.
11 days ago
fanitha - 498 Posts
Full House
Delightful girl Choon hyang
5 days ago
Magicflier - 13 Posts
5 days ago
Naksken - 407 Posts
You're beautiful
Legend of the Blue Sea
Cruel City
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Flowers for My Life
Hyde, Jekyll and Me
Joeson Gunman
Let's Eat
Love Rain
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Oh My Ghost
Personal Taste
Secret Love Affair
Shopping King Louis
Six Flying Dragons
The Heirs
The K2
Warrior Baek Dong Soo
5 days ago
ThomasNL - 106 Posts
What about ''Innocent Man'' (Nice Guy) - http://mydramalist.com/4295-innocent-man

Guy took the blame for his first love, but was being betrayed by her in later stages. In order to get his revange, he sets up with her daughter-in-law. A very nice romance-revange series in which both females are wanting Ma Roo.
5 days ago
emylan - 421 Posts
Another Miss Oh
5 days ago
keifferodartseam - 110 Posts
Doctor Stranger
Marriage not Dating
High School King of Savvy
Legend of Lu Zhen
Lie to Me
Me too Flower
The Myth