11 days ago
kanade - 113 Posts
no historical. no political, no crime/action, no school and no long family dramas

max 20 eps, im ok with tw, jp and k dramas

got anything i havent seen yet?
11 days ago
fanitha - 522 Posts
Nodame Cantabile
We married as a job
Sekai ichi muzukashii koi
Oh my venus
Tatta hitotsu no koi
Shopping king Louis
The K2
Something about 1%
11 days ago
Naksken - 413 Posts
38 Task Force
A New Leaf
Age Of Youth
Angry Mom
Beethoven Virus (But there is a male love rival)
(short film) Budapest Diary
Let's Eat
Marry Him if you Dare
Valid Love
11 days ago
Sia - 904 Posts
11 days ago
sylwia - 202 Posts
Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku
11 days ago
SumiTheCat - 942 Posts
Densha Otoko
maybe Good Luck (don't remember well)
11 days ago
kanade - 113 Posts
@fanitha thanks for Sekai ichi muzukashii koi, enjoying this one so far, after im done with it will check out the rest
10 days ago
fanitha - 522 Posts
Glad you like it, I had so much fun watching it specially the interaction between the main lead and his rival in business.
3 days ago
kanade - 113 Posts