8 days ago
HumzahH - 52 Posts

i want to watch romance dramas, where it takes places in a small town or country area 

it doesn't have to be for the whole drama but should be a good part of it

fine with all types of drama

8 days ago
SumiTheCat - 965 Posts
- Osozaki no Himawari
- Hajimari no uta (special 1 episode)
- Umi no ue no Shinryoujou

They are all japanese dramas, with japanese way of doing romance...
8 days ago
Oddy - 14 Posts
City Hall - According to the synopsis, it takes place in a "small town", it's not quite I would call small town (but I live in a place with less than 700 inhabitants, my city size balance is way off!). It does give off a smaller place vibe though and it also has a "country" feeling at times.  It's a fun, nice to watch drama if you don't start in expecting anything and just go with the flow.
8 days ago
Panda - 1005 Posts
woodjob - Jmovie
what happens to my father
laurel tree tailors
five children seemed that way
8 days ago
jak - 41 Posts
Adolescent Melody
7 days ago
fanitha - 992 Posts
Warm and cozy - takes place in jeju island
Soredemo ikitte yuku
Osozaki no Himawari
7 days ago
Naksken - 675 Posts
Flowers for My Life
7 days ago
oppalover87 - 350 Posts
Modern farmer
7 days ago
zeamays - 172 Posts
Once Upon a Time in Saengchori is mostly in the middle of nowhere, lol
Also Invincible Lee Pyung Kang was kind of rural, as I recall.  Chickens and local bumpkins and all.

Could maybe also include Ojakgyo Brothers.  They lived near the city, but pretty far out, and the whole thing is based around their farm.