So ><, so far I have watched God's Quiz all 3 seasons >> which i loved and then i watched some episodes of vampire prosecutor, which i dun care about >> Then I watched TEN >< which i honeslty like a lot however i will not watch the last two episodes until the new season comes out >> otherwise i will be anxious for what will happen and I dun want that >< Now I am looking for a crime drama, BUT i do not want it again to be about the main guy being suspected for murder or whatever i am tired of this (both TEN and God's Quiz used it >> ) >< so....yeah and i do not want the drama to have more than 16 episodes >< and if it is possible i do not want it to be romance ><. Like it is okay if it is one romance story in it? ...BUT if i am going to have to see the main guy going all crazy if the woman gets kidnapped or hit or whatever >< i dun need it >> i have seen enough of things like that and i lost my interest :3 I do not want kissing scenes as much, i dun care about them anyway so yeah . (if the romance is part of the crime the team is solving then i am okay with it ) (if the romance is a love triangle in the team then please dun suggest this drama to me, i am not interested in love triangles, they are tiring and annoying, they are even worse than love squares , yeah i dun want them either though , i watched one recently and i am fairly annoyed ><). ALSO , i dun mind if the main actors of the drama you will suggest are ugly or whatever, i am not interested in looks when i watch a drama, I am interested in the plot and the acting. Lastly, I do not want historical dramas . :3 Thanks in advance to whoever will suggest anything to me ><
Maybe... Ghost? I think it will suit your taste since it's not a historical dramas, and if I remember correctly, there's no romance in it. The drama is about cyber crime and its investigation.
Ghost was the only crime/detective drama I watched, and I gotta say it was pretty good. There's not really any romance, and although the main character *SOFT "SPOILER" INCOMING* might possibly be suspect of something, they don't lose any time with it *"SPOILER" OVER*, and yeah... It has 20 episodes... But it's totally worth it!
>< 20 episodes is too long i want it to be something shorter than that x.x
Try Vessel of Sand...I watched its 3-4 episode and then put it onhold...its good.
Then japanese dramas r best for you I particularly like Galileo Mr brain furuhata ninzaburo Strawberry fields N there r a lot of new ones too for eg Monsters boss season 1&2 Mireneko holmes case files Legal high Why don u try one of these ???
atslipinbag wrote:
I particularly like

Strawberry fields

Sorry that was STRAWBERRY NIGHT (^^)
I shud have checked ur drama list before suggesting u anything .. holy gosh !!!! U have watched almost all of the japanese dramas that i know of ... theres no way i cud suggest u one coz good luck with ur quest
LOl nevermind should have checked your list first =.=
yeah ...you see...the only reason why i am putting this message here is because >< i want to find a Korean drama (yeah i am giving chances to the k-drama that have no romance >.> ) that is a crime one? :3 this is all I am not familiar with the korean stuff and all the japanese crime stuff i wanna watch, i have watched them :3 OR i cannot find them (like Gonzo season 2 >< )
I would recommend "Special Affairs Team TEN" and "Evasive Inquiry Agency". Both are really enjoyable series. :)
i watched TEN up to ep 7 , waiting for season 2 to start so i can finish it >o< evasive inquiry agency? O_O is it about solving crimes for each episode? :3
It's rare to find korean drama that's less than 16 ep. Unless they are produce recently and by Cable Network... But you can try: Sign - detective/medical Mysterious Incredible Terminator - taiwanese