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i.e. when a drama or film that you've had on your PTW for a while finally airs send a notification so that we get reminded of it? Because it can be easy to lose track when PTW lists get too long, so a reminder-type system might not be bad?

Very good suggestion. 
I second this.
Just found this. I second this as well :D
I completely agree. I have over a hundred on my PTW list and I have totally lost track of them.
yes please. i also lose track of them
Also add this for movies that come out.
On the next update, we will have statues like "airing", "Ended", and "Planned". Maybe have an automatic message sent to users when the statue is changed from "Planned" to "Airing".
^ Yeah and enable the users to choose whether they want to receive email notifications for that or not. 
oooh, that'd be super helpful!