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Kristana - 208 Posts
Why is every woman going crazy about Ye Hua?  No matter how independent and strong Bai Qian is with others overtime Ye Hua comes closer to her she can't do anything and acts all shy and 'powerless' towards his charms... I  keep feeling disrespected as a woman the more I watch Eternal Love. Not only how the girls are falling head over hills for Ye Hua doing stuff bc of 'love' that harm them. But also the love relationships in this drama in general. Besides the heavenly emperor second son and the snake maid's relationship where he gave up something big for her, its always the women who give up or suffer for the men in this drama -_- 
I'm truly not a feminist, not at all. Most of the time even if there is some lvl of degradation in movie/dramas I don't even notice, but in here... maybe its bc its going on and on for at least 30 episodes rn (I'm currently on ep. 40)

Anyone feels the same?
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krystalsoojungs - 1 Post
I think Ye Hua actually gives up quite a lot for Bai Qian though? 

When Bai Qian was Su Su, he was willing to give up his position as Crown Prince --which is why he decided to purposely lose against the Shark tribe in that battle in episode 19 or 20. But because Su Su was just Bai Qian's trial to become a High Goddess, not matter what he did or gave up, he wouldn't have succeeded. And Ye Hua also decided to take the daily lightning strikes himself as punishment even though they were meant as punishment for Su Su. 
Of course his treatment of her in the heavens isn't that great, but he did that to make people think he didn't care for her and thus people would slowly forget about her and try not to pick on her. If you read the novel, you'll be able to tell why he didn't go see her while he was avoiding her and stuff but I think the drama didn't really incorporate that part too much.  

I don't feel that Bai Qian necessary acts "powerless" around his charms, but rather that his move are so sudden and likes to catch her off guard? Bai Qian is literally one of the only (probably THE only??) High Goddess in the world so few people would dare to make such moves on her, so idk for me it feels like she's always caught off guard with his suddenness and deep affection. Because she doesn't realize her feelings for him until episode 44 but the audience knows why Ye Hua loves her so much but she doesn't know yet so I don't think she's necessarily charmed by him just yet until she realizes her feelings for him.  Also since Bai Qian and Ye Hua are betrothed, she kind of gives off the "okay might as well just deal with this kid since I have to get married to him and live with him anyways" feel (that is until she realizes she loves him too). 

I think the fact that Ye Hua cooks for Bai Qian when she is a goddess and a mortal is pretty cute haha. 

When Bai Qian needed that special herb and the pill for Mo Yuan, he went to go get it for her despite the dangers of the four monsters and loses an arm and all his immortal essence in the process. (I think this part might be past episode 40) 

and if you watch till the very end. . . Ye Hua makes the ultimate sacrifice. 

I think everyone falls for Ye Hua because he's the perfect Crown Prince. Getting married to the Crown Prince is almost always better than getting married to someone with less power I guess? And the fact that he's described as "super perfect" is probably a factor. Su Jin is understandable, since she's been accompanying him since he was literally a baby, and probably has developed feelings for him in the past 70,000 years she's known him. I feel that all the other girls aside from Bai Qian admire him for all the praise that he has and want to marry him to get out of whatever arranged marriage they have. Although it is pretty funny that almost every female likes Ye Hua hahahaha 

As for Dong Hua and Feng Jiu, their relationship does indeed keep feeling like Feng Jiu is the one that gives up things for Dong Hua (which is kind of why this couple was kind of boring but I plowed through their scenes because Feng Jiu is so cute!) There's actually a reason that Dong Hua can't return her feelings even though he likes her but it isn't shown until later in the drama. All of the Feng Jiu and Dong Hua parts were made specifically for the drama since the copyrights to the Pillow Book version of the novel were not acquired. So there might be some differences in the novel that make the relationship better?? (Haven't read the Pillow Book yet so I don't know but if anyone has read it, please let us know). 
But yeah, at least for the drama version, Feng Jiu and Dong Hua's relationship does make the female character seem kind of weaker and as if she's the one that's only giving up things for him.
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Knavery - 30 Posts
I agree the women tripping over themselves for Ye Hua was off-putting for me as well. It would be one thing if they simply wanted a strategic marriage but too many of the side-characters who were women seemed to basically look like they were in love with him (it may have only been 2 IIRC but it felt like more and it felt like they basically fell in love at first sight).

I don't mind Bai Qian acting that way or even Su Jin (who grew up around him always believing he was hers) but everywhere he traveled there seemed to be someone falling in love with him too quickly. 

That was my impression anyways...