Feb 15, 2017 11:02 PM
Sia - 1328 Posts
ikr, it's a lovely drama!
7 days ago
Sleepninja - 16248 Posts
If you're ever looking for a good supernatural drama, give Raak Boon a try. It kinda reminds me of one of my favorite shows from when I was younger called Tru Calling. :) It's a nice change of pace from all of the romance dramas. 
4 days ago
Humbledaisy - 15 Posts
Chani Phi Lak - I've just started it and love parts to death. The other supernatural parts - not so much. But give it a try!
4 days ago
CherryBlossom - 7 Posts
So far I watched only one Taiwan Drama, and that's Full House.  I had a drama marathon with Full House,  in one day! It is one of my favorite dramas this year. The actors are great, especially Mike! EYE Candy!. It is a romance and it's really fun to watch. I'm also watching Little Princess with Mike in it.