Feb 15, 2017 11:02 PM
Sia - 1328 Posts
ikr, it's a lovely drama!
Mar 20, 2017 12:03 PM
Sleepninja - 16249 Posts
If you're ever looking for a good supernatural drama, give Raak Boon a try. It kinda reminds me of one of my favorite shows from when I was younger called Tru Calling. :) It's a nice change of pace from all of the romance dramas. 
Mar 23, 2017 09:03 AM
Humbledaisy - 17 Posts
Chani Phi Lak - I've just started it and love parts to death. The other supernatural parts - not so much. But give it a try!
Mar 23, 2017 11:03 AM
CherryBlossom - 28 Posts
So far I watched only one Taiwan Drama, and that's Full House.  I had a drama marathon with Full House,  in one day! It is one of my favorite dramas this year. The actors are great, especially Mike! EYE Candy!. It is a romance and it's really fun to watch. I'm also watching Little Princess with Mike in it.
27 days ago
coolcancerian - 5 Posts
Full house Thai...is better than Korean original 
leh nangfah..loved this drama cute couple & different story line 
kluen cheewit ..I din't sleep one whole night..kept watching very addictive drama 
27 days ago
Humbledaisy - 17 Posts
Kluen Cheewit - this was very good but I had to skip around as I found the step-father plot line incredibly stupid. I wish there had been more "Behind the scenes of a drama" plot line.
27 days ago
cherishbabe - 4 Posts
Kluen Cheewit, think its the newest completed subbed show. its nice to watch :)
Next is Buang Hong i think. cheers for more good dramas......
14 days ago
Taylorgg12 - 197 Posts
4 Hearts of the Mountain series
-Thara Himalai
-Duang Jai Akkanee
-Pathapee Leh Ruk
-Wayupak Montra

Gentleman of Jutathep
-Khun Chai Taratorn
-Khun Chai Pawornruj
-Khun Chai Puttipat
-Khun Chai Rachanon
-Khun Chai Ronapee

5 days ago
WednesHwang - 63 Posts
Yok Lai Make (aka. Cloud Jade) : romance, drama

This is one of a very few Thai dramas I've seen, but it was smart, great and epic. It's not your typical melo. The cast is amazing as well. It's too good to be true.
5 days ago
green_tokki - 160 Posts
The most recent lakorn i finished that i highly recommend is..... Ruk Nee ... Jhe Jud Hai (2014) --------- hilarious, good story and pacing though predictable but still this is so worth watching.
5 days ago
SHINeeShawol711 - 94 Posts
Ill give it a try thank you.