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    • Nine: Nine Times Time Travel add
      Written by manicmuse 2 hours ago
      This is one of those dramas that has a lot of fans yet isn't necessarily popular, so I was really intrigued. I was actually ready to drop it after the first episode, but I'm glad I stuck to my '5 episodes… read more
    • You Who Came from the Stars add
      Written by burrwick 3 hours ago
      Best. Drama. Ever. The writing was the most concise and moving. The love story the most convincing. The humor was top notch and clever (Jun Ji Hyun was the funniest female character in a drama I've seen).… read more
    • MARS add
      Written by filovedrama 7 hours ago
      Wow where do I begin with this drama? Well let's start with the fact that this drama ought to be deemed as a CLASSIC in dramaland. It is not classical in the way in which it is filled with accidental… read more

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    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Ha Ji Won plays the role of a strong influential woman in both historical series. Though one is of an empress while the other is a gisaeng, both carries quite a few similarities such as being smart etc...
    • ...then you might like
      same channel, same airing time, pretty much the same plot: working on cases and a Background Story.
    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      They both have the evil moms, they both have a rich guy who falls in love with the main girl and they both have a main female lead who is hard working and kind.