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    [Discussion] Wang Zhao Jun


    The drama depicts the adventurous life of Wang Zhao Jun, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China who were able to topple kingdoms because of their exquisite beauty. Wang is honored not only for her exceptional beauty, but also for her wisdom and spirit. And so, the power of women in a male dominated society begins to unfold.


    Yang Mi as Wang Zhao Jun
    Liu De Kai as Emperor Yuan
    Cong Shan (丛珊) as Empress
    Wei Zi as The Shepherd
    Li Jian Qun as Cai Gu Gu
    Zhang Zi Jian (张子健) as Zhang Zi Xian
    Tu Men as Huhanye
    Ren Tian Ye as Diao Tao Mo Ao
    Chen Si Cheng as Wang Dun
    Song Chun Li
    Wang Si Yi (王思懿)
    Pan Hong
    Si Qin Gao Wa
    Xia Fan
    Lu Yong as General Li


    Liu Xiao Qing as Guang Jie Yu
    Yvonne Yung

    Has anyone seen this, or do you plan to see it? I think it looks interesting.

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    For more info on the legend: Four Beauties and Four Beauties in Ancient China

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    Now for some pretty pictures. The trailer and these pics make me want to give it a shot.

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    Hmm, I like Yang Mi, I think I'm gonna watch it ^^ Thanks for the idea ;]

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