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    Cool [Discussion] Flower Boy Next Door

    Flower Boy Next Door

    MDL link: http://mydramalist.com/korean-drama/...-boy-next-door

    Title: 이웃집 꽃미남 / Yiootjib Kkotminam
    Also known as: My Neighbor Flower Boy / The Pretty Boy Next Door / Flower Boy Next Door
    Genre: Romance, comedy
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast network: tvN
    Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-07 to 2013-Feb-26
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00

    Based on the webtoon titled I Watch Him Every Day. It is a romantic comedy about a girl named Go Dok Mi who locks her self in her ′tower′ from the world, is caught spying on the man living next door by Enrique Geum.

    Enrique Geum is a genius creative director, who is good-looking, stylish and bohemian and can′t get enough of soccer. He will form a love line with Go Dok Mi.

    Go Dok Mi is a ′city Rapunzel′ who never ventures outdoors, yet has her own set of charms that makes men go weak.

    Flower Boy Next Door is the third installment of tvN's Oh! Boy series. This drama series features star-studded line ups of flower boy leading men. The previous entries in this series are Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

    Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi
    Yoon Shi Yoon as Enrique Geum
    Kim Ji Hoon as Oh Jin Rok
    Park Soo Jin as Cha Do Hwi
    Kim Yoon Hye as Enrique's first love
    Go Kyung Pyo as Oh Dong Hoon

    Who is going to watch this?
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    Hmm... I'm not sure if I will. I'll wait until the reviews of the first episodes roll in to make my decision.

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    I've been waiting 3 months for this to air now it's only 1 month left.If only 2013 would hurry up. I'm absolutely excited for this drama

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    Cant wait for this!! The two lead are my favorites!! and the story seems nice and unique as well~ wooh! looking forward to this so much!!

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    it's park shin hye!! i can't miss this one.. shi hoon was good in me too flower but i dont like him much.. so i'm gonna watch this drama for shinhye..and hopefully it'll be a good one!

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    Im gonna watch this becuz of Shin Hye, too. After watching Youre Beautiful &Heartstrings sheve become my fav actress ♥

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    I'm waiting for this drama,too.... miss PSH as well, although I'm not a huge fan YSY, but he's pretty cute and quite suitable as boy next door

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    It reminds me of this.

    [COLOR="#ff8c00"][B]I want your happines knowing I can never be yours to share it![/B][/COLOR]

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    I really want to watch this...I've missed Park Shin Hye these days<3...Haven't seen her for a long time.

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    This is the drama I have been waiting for all season. I completely love the first two Flower Boy dramas plus it feels like ages since I have seen Yoon Shi Yoon. If Jung Il Woo does a new drama soon I think my drama wishlist will be complete.

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