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  1. casey30002002's Avatar

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    Jun 2012
    panda and hedgehog has an epic bromance that I liked even more than the romance
    Ojayko brothers too...
    faith also has bromance between the general and the king
    kpop ultimate survival, not the best drama but it has bromance
    vampire prosecutor- between he prosecutor and the investigator guy or even the doctor bar owner...

  2. mizztic's Avatar

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    Mar 2012
    Sungkyunkwan scandal!!! Yoo Ah In x Song Joong Ki

  3. browncoat_78's Avatar

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    Nov 2012
    --King2Hearts: a bromance that will make you cry
    --Panda and Hedgehog: this is actually a very flawed and pretty crappy romcom, but the bromance in it is the best part and is different than others I've seen, so if that's what you want I guess it is ok, oh, and Donghae so there's that.
    --Chuno - the hottest collection of abs in all of bromance
    --Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: yes there is romance, but there is also bromance!
    --City Hunter: a boy and his ajusshi, one of my favorite bromances
    --Jumong: if you aren't averse to 81 episodes of sageuk awesomeness, then there is some seriously great bromance here
    --Emperor of the Sea (aka Sea God): see Jumong comments, only it's just 51 eps of awesome bromance, of both the friend and frenemy kind
    --Vampire Prosecutor 1 and 2: super-cute and touching bromance moments in this

  4. Little-Dream's Avatar

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    Dec 2012
    Padam, Padam..., A gentleman's dignity and Bridal Mask have my favorite Bromances EVER. You watched the last one already, but try out the first two. They're AWESOME!

  5. MeiLi's Avatar

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    Jun 2011
    I think the bromance in A Gentleman's Dignity is the deepest out of all I watched !

  6. Nana87's Avatar

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    Feb 2012
    Yes A Gentleman's Dignity

  7. Raincat's Avatar

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    Sep 2012
    Mr. Goodbye has bromance, its not so big part but essential in the beginning, sadly gets pushed from story later.

    most epic korean bromance movies - A Frozen Flower and The King and the Clown

    Movie with twisted bromance : Bungee Jumping of their Own
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  8. goldenseal50's Avatar

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    Dec 2011
    um..A Frozen Flower isn't a bromance ( it's a love triangle between the King his bodyguard and his queen)

    tumbling..oops that is japanese
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  9. nylamrehs's Avatar

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    Dec 2012
    sungkyunkwan scandal has a great bromance ever and all that you said... love all of those dramas.. nice guy, SJK and lee kwang soo's friendship is amazing... equator man specially when they were in high school...

  10. vulescala's Avatar

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    Jun 2012
    the best bromance for me is the one in Sunghyunkwan Scandal and in a movie is the one in 'But I Don't know Too'

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