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    Nice girl falls for (rich) arrogant& mean guy-dramas

    No matter if Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese, just would like to know more drama with this kind of storyline!
    Maybe something like nice, poor girl falls for an arrogant mean playboy...would be nice, if this drama would make cry, laugh and especially fall in love...so...dont mean to sound picky...but the guy must be also an eye candy...so the hotter, the better xD
    Thank you in advance!

    Dramas Ive already seen:

    Devil Beside You ( currently watching)
    Autumns Concerto
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    Shining Inheritance
    Youre Beautiful
    Playful Kiss
    Boys Before Flowers
    Hana Kimi
    Rich Man, Poor Woman

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    I would say Rooftop Prince, it's not a typical drama since the guy is not the son of a rich family but instead a crown prince who travels to our time xD. But he is arrogant, mean and "rich" I guess you could say. The main girl is really innocent and pretty naive/nice.

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    Love Keeps Going was great. It also has Mike He (who is the lead in Devil Beside You). The female lead isn't necessarily poor or weak, but she does what makes her boyfriend/love interest happy instead of first thinking about herself. Mike He plays the role of the arrogant, rich music writer that loves to tease her. I found it very funny, and also emotional
    Another good Mike He drama is Why Why Love ... as per usual, he enjoys to tease the female lead :P

    A Millionaire's First Love also fits in this criteria. It's a movie, however. A romantic tragedy, if you enjoy those.

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    ~Hellow~Masquerade ~!

    If I may recommend... try this, male lead is arrogant & big time:

    Flower Boy Ramyun
    King 2Hearts
    Secret Garden
    Spy Myung Wol
    **if you will noticed, all the female lead is something kick ass or physically strong... as I so love that character for a female lead**

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    Lie to me
    Can Love become money
    Cheongdamdong Alice
    Greatest Love
    My Name is Kim Sam soon
    Protect the boss
    Secret Garden

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    ones not already mentioned ...

    bullfighting (also mike he)
    me too flower
    mary stayed out all night (he isn't rich but he becomes super popular during the middle of it and he is beyond arrogant playboy singer)
    love rain

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    thank you for your suggestions everybody!

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