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    Rich guy/ poor girl?

    I know that there are a lot of dramas with this kind of theme. But maybe for this reason I don't know what to chose. Can you suggest me something? It will be great also if the female lead goes to high school

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    Ok so your drama list shows nothing as completed so I have no clue what you have actually watched so I'll just list all the ones that I loved

    Boys over flowers
    Sunny happiness (taiwan)
    Sunshine angel (Taiwan)
    Love rain
    Flower boy ramyun shop
    Lie to me
    Secret garden
    Goong aka princess hours
    Protect the boss
    King 2 hearts
    Coffee prince
    Greatest love
    You're beautiful
    Flower boy next door
    Bullfighting (girl isn't poor but guy is super rich - Taiwan
    Devil beside you (also girl isn't poor but guy is pretty darn rich - Taiwan)
    Romantic princess (Taiwan)
    Hana yori dango (Japan version of boys over flowers probably better)
    Me too flower
    Love keeps going (Taiwan)
    May queen
    Shining inheritance
    Can you hear my heart

    Like you said there are tons of others but these are shows that I loved =]]

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    Bullfighting== I am not sure whether they are going to high school or college...
    Goong== highscool
    Boys over Flowers == high school...and you can watch it in three versions. the others are Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dangl
    Devil Beside You
    Why Why Love

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    You could try these as well

    Full House (first place in my favorites)
    Phoenix ( Rich Girl Poor Guy .. later their situation reverses... intense but good)

    Autumn’s Concerto (second place in my favorites)
    Fated to Love You (very good)

    Rich Man Poor Woman

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