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    Rich Girl/Poor Guy Film/drama

    Any drama/film where a rich girl helps a poor guy to be successful and rich/middle-class? This might of been mentioned. I am more specifically looking for a film.
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    For drama try "history of salaryman"

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    drama rich girl/poor guy

    Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

    but don't know if he gets rich/middle class

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    Birth of the Rich! The girl is heiress and the guy starts off as her servant...I didn't watch the beginning so I'm not really sure, I just know the second half is daebak, really hooks you!!! The guy rescues her or something, and she was indebted to him...lots of stuff happened! They started to fall in love! <3 The guy set up his own business, which the girl's father's business was competing with. Anyway, it's a great show!!!! If you watched Queen In Hyun's Man, you may all the more want to consider this because Ji Hyun Woo (the lead actor from QIHM) is the lead here too! His character is pretty different but still v likeable ^^

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