Sniper LEE HO YEUNG left the Special Duties Unit because of one mistake and gradually turned hostile to his colleague and good friend KO CHUN KIN. Thereafter, YEUNG got into the yacht business and became the president of a gun club, but was actually working with the triad underground. He took advantage of OCTB senior inspector SEUNG KOON MING CHU's trust to get information on the police operations against the triad and his girlfriend LAI CHAN is a SDU member. Conversely, KIN had been kept in the dark until murderers from several fatal cases made him suspicious. Later, YEUNG deliberately gets close to KIN's good friend WONG YUEK LING because of a bribary case. LING eventually found out KIN was the sniper who shot a bullet in her head many years ago and slowly she led the two good brothers into a standoff..

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  • CheerfulSoul Feb 6, 2014
    It started in a great way but then it went downhill. The SDU guys are the best thing that ever happened to this drama.
    I've learnt my lesson, I will never watch a current time HKC drama again. I will just stick with the historical/Wuxia oriented ones.
  • xAyuu Oct 11, 2013
    I found this drama disappointing. It was definitely a good start but then typical TVB fail. Too many characters that eventually had no purpose and lack of a strong storyline.
  • Plural Sep 11, 2013
    So far, so good. I haven't seen anything good from TVB in a while. This is off on a good start.
    1 ❤
  • TopSecret Sep 10, 2013
    Does anyone know where I can watch this? It seems really interesting :D

    EDIT: found it already xD
  • Rourou Jan 7, 2013
    Although there's no synopsis yet but this drama seems interesting.
    Well, I guess any drama with action is interesting to me xD
    5 ❤
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Sniper Standoff

Sniper Standoff


  • Main Title: Sniper Standoff
  • Native title: 神槍狙擊
  • Also Known as: Sniper Attack 2013 ; 神槍狙擊2013

General Details

  • CountryHong Kong
  • Aired: September 9, 2013 to October 11, 2013
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • # of Episodes 25
    Average Duration 45 min. per episode
  • Genres: Action


  • Score: 6.94 (scored by 35 users)
  • Ranked: #NA
  • Popularity: #519
  • Members: 83
  • Favorites: 0
3.5 stars - based on 35 votes

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