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  • 7.5"Good"
    Nice start, ending with an unexpected punch
    wow. that's a new one.. the ending. The last thing I expected to see :)
    The episode is cool. An interesting start with an added kick in the end.
    Only thing I wish they'd not done is give those horrible wigs to No Min Woo and the female lead( Iread more
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  • 8.5"Very Good"
    O_O Hairstyle and the fashion
    What's up with those weird hairstyles. Hope they change it soon.
    Ending kiss was worth making me forget the horrible hairstyles.
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  • 9.0"Very Good"
    The ending...FOR THE WIN!
    Yes! I love the ending! Real-life yaoi! Plus its totally different, I've never seen a guy-on-guy kiss before, only when its a gender-bender and the other guy turns out to be a girl. Its new and refreshing! Loving it!
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    Omg No min woo looks absolutely stunning, even with that hairstyle, he can pull anything off lol
    Im getting a bit annoyed with the fighting between the two boys though.
    I LOVED THE KISS SCENE AT THE END o m g ? The reason heread more
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    Um..kissing scene --> eek
    Somehow I like all the actors and their actings so far. However, i really dislike the kissing scene at the end. It 's such a homo scene.
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    its okay!
    now i haven't seen the original full house but i doubt it was anything like this. and the kiss at the end 0_________0!!?
    i don't understand it lol
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    Omg the kiss at the end was hot or is it just me lol ;)
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    Good start =)
    Yes I was astonished by the hairdos and the dressing stylist from the first time I saw this poster which was like a couple of months back.... but after watching the trailer MULTIPLE TIMES, I got used to it like I did with Wild Romance. So far, good episode, funny,read more
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  • 6.0"Fair"
    say what?
    read more
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  • 7.0"Good"
    The WEIRDEST ending EVER... My mouth was hanging open for 5 minutes after the episode was over... but!... the episode overall was fun, and I'll stick around a while longer~ and I like Park Ki-Woong (I think I even got over his hair the moment I saw his sweet smile)read more
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  • 8.0"Very Good"
    The ending O.o
    Okay I liked it...until the ending it was so weird...I'm like WTH
    ? Park Ki Woong Kissed No Min Woo ...what is this gay love in the next episode? O.o and the hair is killing me No Min Woo's clothes too :P Don't know if I'll like it or not
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  • 7.0"Good"
    Kinda hard to tell whether it's good or not with just one short episode. The cliffhanger ending makes we want to watch the next one, though. Hopefully it'll just keep getting better... and they'll change their hairdos...
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Full House Take 2

Full House Take 2


  • Main Title: Full House Take 2
  • Native title: 풀하우스 TAKE2
  • Also Known as: Poolhawooseu 2 ; Full House Season 2 ; Full House 2 ; フルハウスTAKE2 ; 풀하우스 2 ; Furuhausu Teiku 2

General Details

  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: October 22, 2012 to December 13, 2012
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • # of Episodes 32
    Average Duration 30 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance


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