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Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 1

Toru, a self made billionaire, hires Chihiro Sawaki to attend a meeting and help him win over someone standing in the way of his latest business venture.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 2

"Chihiro Sawaki" finally gets a job interview, but sacrifices it in an attempt to save Tohru's project instead.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 3

Next Innovation has their "death mail" day where those who are fired receive an e-mail telling the employee that they are terminated.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 4

Toru and "Sawaki Chihiro" work together on simplifying the Personal Files project so that users have an easier time using it.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 5

Toru runs into a major problem with the Personal File project after he tests the project out on a small village. To add to his problems, a hacker steals a lot of personal information from his company and releases it to the public causing more chaos at Next Innovation.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 6

The shareholders at Next Innovation are devastated as the stocks drop 80% in value. Asahina and his accomplice further there plans and start to buy more Next Innovation stocks to take control of the company.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 7

Toru figures out a way to regain the trust of the public and help Next Innovation recover by selling his shares. Natsui gets offered a job as a researcher for a big company. Meanwhile, Asahina gets the board members to dismiss Hyuga as president. Toru discovers that Asahina is the one that stabbed him in the back. At a press conference, Toru announces that, in addition to his resignation as president, he is quitting Next Innovation altogether.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 8

Hyuga announces his leave from the company, at first some of the staff are eager to leave with him. However, it is then revealed that the Personal File project has been taken away from him, so instead they stay with Asahina. Asahina offers Makoto a job. For the first time Hyuga shows emotions and yells that the company is his creation. Makoto declines all job offers, tells Asahina that she loves Hyuga and follows him.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 9

Toru and Makoto start their new company together. However, Toru seems to have troubles getting motivated despite Makoto's best efforts. And then there's of course the financial issues. In the meantime Asahina decides to change Toru's original design for the Personal File Project. But not everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 10

Thanks to Makoto's support and guidance Toru learns how to deal with people in a more polite and less agressive way. That benefits his new company too. However, seeing how well Toru is doing for himself again leads Makoto to think that he doesn't need her anymore. Asahina refuses to see any visitors at the penitentiary including Toru.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 11

While Toru finds new ways to bring life back to Next Innovation, Makoto is offered a chance of a lifetime to work in Brazil. Toru is forced to express his true feelings for her as the thought of a year long separation becomes reality. Asahina finishes his sentence, and returns to ask for forgiveness, but will the staff and Toru welcome him back?


Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich Man, Poor Woman


  • Main Title: Rich Man, Poor Woman
  • Native title: リッチマン、プアウーマン
  • Also Known as: Ricchiman Puauman

General Details

  • CountryJapan
    NetworkFuji TV
  • Aired: July 9, 2012 to September 17, 2012
  • Airs On: Monday
  • # of Episodes 11
    Average Duration 46 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance


  • Score: 8.27 (scored by 4,733 users)
  • Ranked: #114
  • Popularity: #2
  • Members: 7,749
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