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Ah Jung becomes suspicious of Kim's identity causing him to spin a story about his involvement with the CEO. He takes Han Se Kyung to his home in order to prove his relationship to the CEO and is confronted by Seo Yoon Joo who worries about his apparent marriage to Shin In Hwa. He assures her that it won't happen. After a dinner and a meeting with Cha Il Nam, Kim opens up to Han Se Kyung about his father. Han Se Kyung starts to realize her feelings for Kim due to Yoon Joo's warnings.
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    She really likes him!!! The doppelganger story was crazy hahah
    Why everybody is so curious in dramas? They go reading the person's diary, seeing photos, opening everything.
    The awkward moment whe he doesn't know how to high five lol
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    chills, chills, chills
    This show is superb! In one scene, I am laughing like a crazy woman, and in another I am holding my breath and biting my nails waiting for some kiss to happen... love is in the air... What a good chemistry they are showing us! That drinking scene... I couldread more
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    OMO!! The last few minutes of this episode had me gasping for air >_< HAN SE KYUNG SSI! HOW CAN YOU RESIST SUCH A MAN?? omo omo omo can't wait for the next episode!!
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    Filled with worry for Cha..
    Awesome episode with lots of laughs and adorableness(if that is even a word) but i am sooo worried for cha seunjo it aches my heart when thinking about the round of events that he'll be going through in the future eps T-T Like someone else said literally im just staringread more
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    OMG !!!!
    I love this show it's so funny and cute at the same time that I almost can't take it :D each time I watch it I think my laptop will go into flames from my burning gaze :P can't wait for next episode ^_^
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    Sucker for romance
    Loved it. I didn't believe this OTP had chemistry but it does, oh boy, IT DOES! Maybe because they are both such good actors. So far, CA has a great OST and music directing---cues are right-on, great acting, directing and editing. Even the secondary characters that are not annoying andread more
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    LOVE is blooming!!!
    what a sweet, funny and intense episode!!:) I love it!! it's getting better and better! hope for MORE romance between them:)
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  • 9.0"Very Good"
    High five
    Cha SeungJo identity found out by Tommy Hong and the sister-in-law, the doppelganger story, the house visit , the drawing Paris together, the drunk scene (Moon secretary X friend) the meeting of the parents, the high five moment, YoonJoo worring about her past discover, SeungJo and SeKyung on a dinnerread more
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    happy, happier, happiest!!!!
    Still laughing and smiling :D It really doesn't get boring at all. Close call...and the atmosphere was fantastic. Next weekend has to come fast!!!
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    It doesn't have to be a kiss to be HOT!
    I just had to revise my hottest ever Kdrama scenes list after that ep. Woah! I've always been a PSH fan (he's one of the few hotties I can drool over without feeling like a dirty noona since we are donggap) and I've always thought MGY could act but neverread more
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  • 9.0"Very Good"
    Love is a crisis!
    two weird things i noticed.. is tommy hong a detective.. marriage counselor or designer? and secondly, why does her secretary always stands in one sideways pose? does she look appealing only that way or what?and i like Shin In Hwa. she's pretty and she knows what she want. i canread more
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    Why didn't Han Se Kyung got the first piggy ride from Seung Jo?
    This episode is touching. Both leads are obviously kind-hearted, it's just that they are slightly changed by the circumstances they had and for it I think they are perfect for each other. Their chemistry was so good, I had already fallen for their tandem!
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    OMG!!! so close!!!! she has fallen for him!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG can't wait for the next ep!!!!
    this ep was so good!!
    it had a good balance of romance and comedy! loved the doppelganger story!!!
    Ok, she needs to realize that LOVING is not a CRISIS!LOVING HIM MAKES HER HAPPY!!! She just needs to chuck that freken bookread more
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Cheongdamdong Alice

Cheongdamdong Alice


  • Main Title: Cheongdamdong Alice
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