A drama based on law about money, love and passion. It is about lobbying, rebating, connecting and corruption of the Korean society through Lee Cha Don who loses everything because of money. Lee Cha Don is a man who rises to the seat of a special branch prosecutor with the money of a loan shark, while Bok Jae In is the daughter of the loan shark who raises Lee Cha Don.

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  • Jan 8, 2014 24 of 24 episodes seen
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    • Overall  8
    • Story  10
    • Acting/Cast  9
    • Music  8
    • Rewatch Value  8
    sarò molto diretta di questo drama anche perché ho imiegato 4 giorni per vederlo, di solito non arrivo mai a così tanti giorni ^.^, cmq stavo per citarvi alcune descrizioni del drama, ovvero il mio commento, nei primi episodi racconta la storia del protagonista di come tutto iniziò, quindi in questo momento vedremo il giovane Park ji-bin, che lo abbiamo visto già in molti drama ma che svolgeva la parte del fratelli minore “di solito della protagonista” ma che qui, invece svolge il ruolo del protagonista, da adolescente; devo dire che il nostro giovanotto nella recitazione di questo drama si è completamente superato, forse perché nei panni del protagonista si è gasato un po’ cmq bravo, bravo, complimenti Park ji-bin (della serie “piccoli attori crescono”)
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  • Sep 8, 2013 24 of 24 episodes seen
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    • Overall  9
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  5
    Lately,I found it hard to finish the drama from the start till the end without a pause or watching another drama in the middle at the same time. But this drama really sucked me in from the first episode till the end.

    I loved & enjoyed History of Salaryman and the fact that the same writers did The Incarnation of Money,it made me want to watch it. Thanks to many good reviews,this drama completely captured me. Talk about how the story is executed,mostly it has revenge element embedded, tragic life story of the main lead is a must.(If you're a fan of melo,revenge,heartbreaking drama you should watch this) From the start, You WILL ALWAYS find yourself take a pity on our lead guy here which is
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  • Both dramas are from the same writer and both have many actors in common. Some themes are featured in the two dramas, like wars for power and money, revenge and betrayal. The writing style is similar, except Giant doesn't have the humor/comedy situations factor.
    reportRecommended by samsoons
  • Same creators. Bot have totally awesome characters and story. Both have a lot of comedy, but on the other hand there are some really serious moments too. It takes some time for story to develop, but when it does, everything falls into the right place. Both are one of the bests dramas you can ever see (which is definately not an overstatement!)
    reportRecommended by BPetra

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  • 0hellgirl0 13 days ago
    my friend kept saying that i should watch this drama so i did in 2 days and i gave it 10*
    loved it
  • MinaVIP 15 days ago
    This was the best melodrama of 2013 in my opinion :'3 I need to rewatch it soon >_< <3
  • TheraTD Jan 19, 2014
    I was disappointed at first, but started to enjoy it once I ignored the fact that it had the same creators of HSM and Giant.
    Great drama but not as quirky as HSM.
    2 ❤
  • ForeverHN Jan 17, 2014
    Is this funny?
    2 ❤
  • MinaVIP Dec 14, 2013
    One of the best dramas of 2013 <3
    5 ❤
  • newNY Nov 28, 2013
    The rating should be higher. Such a great drama
    4 ❤
  • Kyyysa Sep 19, 2013
    Firstly, I am really into this drama rigth now, it has great actors (especially Kang Ji Hwan) and good storry and it's really interesting.
    But! there had to be one thing that made me very mad. It was "the change" of Bok Jae Ni. Really, couldn't writers thought any better idea than whole body surgery? How about doing sports and eating less sweets and more vegetables? I mean, those kind of scenes are very inapropriate, it makes people think, that surgery is a very easy and good thing (though expensive)...
    In the end I remembered that this is Korea, so, they really might think that way, 'cause surgery is popular there...
    3 ❤
  • locurabella Sep 5, 2013
    I loved this drama. Best revenge drama that has you on the edge of your seat.
    6 ❤
  • oj1992 Aug 29, 2013
    Worth watching. Quite intense. Although some parts may be a bit far fetched.
  • Whit_eonni Aug 7, 2013
    This drama is a MASTERPIECE!!! The story was on point, amazing action from all the cast and just...WOW! I marathoned this and i look like a zombie! Definitely going on my top five! Now for Salaryman! xD
    7 ❤
  • Mary28 Jul 21, 2013
    <br />i love this drama. when you start there's no stopping it's so addicting. I loved the whole cast, the drama was a masterpiece for me. I also loved Salaryman that's why I watched it.I recommend this to everyone although it was a crazy roller coaster, it was funny and definitely worth watching.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    1 ❤
  • Mary28 Jul 19, 2013
    this drama is really good; i'm currently in ep 8 and this drama is filled of money hungry bastards it's disgusting
    2 ❤
  • Mary28 Jul 19, 2013
    Na i totally hate that bastard, ji se gwang. I hope he can choke on his tongue and his eyes can be gouged out. ahh he creeps me has continues to lie blindly.
  • Mary28 Jul 19, 2013
    2 ❤
  • sunflower63 May 26, 2013
    This is a great drama and I could see the writers were the same as the ones of Salaryman. The first three or four episodes could be a little offputting as they are a mixture of dramatic/over the top comedy parts, however after that the story and the plot get really good and very involving. I found it very clever and very, very well acted. Kang Ji Wan is really good here and so is Park Sang Min who plays the very convincing role of the villain. I highly recommend this and I rated it 9.
    6 ❤


The Incarnation of Money

The Incarnation of Money


  • Main Title: The Incarnation of Money
  • Native title: 돈의 화신
  • Also Known as: Doneui Hwashin ; Money Incarnation

General Details

  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: February 2, 2013 to April 21, 2013
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • # of Episodes 24
    Average Duration 1 hr. 5 min. per episode
  • Genres: Business, Drama, Romance


  • Score: 8.08 (scored by 977 users)
  • Ranked: #186
  • Popularity: #125
  • Members: 2,205
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