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  • 9.0"Very Good"
    I really adore the way Tan confessed. Ugh, the feels. At the same time, I love how Eun Sang see's this situation from such a realistic standpoint. She's the poor housemaid's daughter and Tan is the rich chairman's son. Obviously never meant to be.

    The car scene where Tan playfullyread more
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    Kim Woo Bin
    I liked when he was punched lol 10 for that
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  • 7.5"Good"
    Kim Woo Bin
    I love Kim Woo Bin's character he doesn't hide at all and he goes after what he wants. I hoping Shin Hye ends up with him although I know she's going to end up with Lee Min Ho.
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  • 9.0"Very Good"
    Choi Young Do
    I really am not sure what to think of Young Do. He is actually a likeable character . if he wouldn't be such an a**hole. I hope he will stop his bullying and starts to act like a normal human being.

    Oh, I am afraid of watching the next episode.
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    <3 lovelovelove
    woo bin stop bulling ,i really think (Kim Nam Yoon) sent Eun Sang to his son'school for a reason hope its not with the bad intension ,so far loving it and hooked
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    I am wondering if it is just me, but i think Kim won actually loves Kim tan. I just feel like Kim won hesitates sometimes when he appears mad at Kim tan. Also wasn't there a conversation with the chairman when Kim won said that he already gave up oneread more
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  • 7.5"Good"
    Hugs and Confessions
    Kim Won...bitter much??? Geez. Why all the anger at the brother for stuff he had no control over??? If Kim Tan keeps hugging him, then he might wear him down. Maybe he should try hugging Young Do too. ;-)

    I find it refreshing that Kim Tan confessed by episode more
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  • 8.5"Very Good"
    I've been loving this show so far, but the ending of this episode really disappointed me, because Tan pulled a typical chaebol move, which he had been avoiding to do so far. I just hope he matures some more in the future, and that he Young Do stop treating Eunread more
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  • 10"Outstanding"
    It is amazing!!! I love this drama
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  • 9.5"Very Good"
    This is gettin'better I can say. Still it lacks some romance.They're so immature except for Kim Woo Bin 'cause he's "bad guy". I mean Kim Tan place his head on CES shoulder and her eyes just pop out. I mean soo childish. But, I like it anyway :D
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The Heirs

The Heirs


  • Main Title: The Heirs
  • Native title: 상속자들
  • Also Known as: The Inheritors; The One Trying to Wear the Crown; Withstand the Weight – The Heirs; He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight; He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight; Heirs

General Details

  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: October 9, 2013 to December 12, 2013
  • Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • # of Episodes 20
    Average Duration 60 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Friendship, Romance, School


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