Kang Moo Yeol is a third-generation chaebol who has the both the looks and wealth, seems to have it all on the outside, but grows up with family issues and pain from the loss of his past love Han Yoo Rim. Meanwhile, Han Yoo Jung is a diligent and bright, and very independent woman who has a tomboyish and unruly personality which helped her overcome the sudden loss of her family. She is Han Yoo Rim's younger sister and will get involved with Kang Moo Yeol 10 years later. Both Kang Moo Yeol and his half brother Hong Soo Hyuk will fall in love with Han Yoo Jung. But, Moo Yeol and Yoo Jung are star-crossed lovers. Their tragic love story begins because of a tragedy due to their parents. How will they escape their dreary surroundings to succeed?

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  • 23 days ago 47 of 47 episodes seen
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    • Overall  8
    • Story  7
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  9
    • Rewatch Value  7
    This is a typical Korean Melodrama which means that a family wealth is at stake, and that there are characters willing to do impossibly evil things to attain that wealth. And then there are the victims of whom the main one, Han Yoo-jung, suffers so much that I think the writers themselves had a hard time trying to resolve the situation. It's the reason the comic relief provided by the romances of Moo-yeol's aunt and mother with their respective beaus works out well; it balances the pain and misery felt by Yoo-jung.

    As melodramas go, _Passionate Love_is actually brief at 47 episodes. If you can tolerate the usual, well intended stupid things the heroes will do and the usual, unbelievable, underhanded evil the villains will get
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  • 23 days ago 47 of 47 episodes seen
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    • Overall  6
    • Story  6
    • Acting/Cast  6
    • Music  6
    • Rewatch Value  6
    First, the cut short ending was totally disappointing. I know it isn't conventional, but I liked the "bad guy" and to end the story with out total resolution for his character makes me angry. In my mind they left several unresolved issues. I have a great ending to this drama in my mind.
    Second, there were a lot of extra unnecessary characters and dialogue where the obvious story is repeated.
    Third, nevermind...this list will just get too long.
    There are some good things that kept me interested, but I'm still disappointed. A rating of 6 may be too high.

    The acting is ok. Jun Kwang Ryul as Moon Doo stole the show.

    The music is ok.

    I won't rewatch this.

    I don't recommend this drama unless
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Comments (122)

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  • Ambitious_96 18 days ago
    I actually liked the ending. Even though some ppl dislike Soo Hyuk, as for me, I liked him. He truly loves her. And he never felt that she loves him back, so all his actions are natural.

    Just happy he got the girl and his son.
    1 ❤
  • Serenity83 23 days ago
    I think the best part of this drama was the OST. I just loved it.<3 I suggest, to at least check that out.

    ***I Want To Go Back by Sojin(Girl's Day)
    ***It's You by Lee Ji Soo
    ***Burn by Insooni

    I can't recommend the drama really. I do think most of the actors did a nice job with what they were given but, I am glad it is over.
    3 ❤
    • KiaSoul 23 days ago
      Thanks for the song references. "Burn" by Insooni has been playing in my head for I don't know how long, and now that I know what it is and who it's by, I can finally get it out of my system by playing it over and over again on YouTube.
    • PrettyBrown_Eyes 22 days ago
      Yes I agree the OST is really good I love Burn by Insooni but drama was meh actors were good but plot was very typical
      1 ❤
    • KiaSoul 22 days ago
      "Burn" is a great song, isn't it? I've been listening to it once every hour since I found out what it was and who it was by. LOL.
      1 ❤
    • _Rosie 20 days ago
      @Serenity83 - I feel the same way about this drama
    • Serenity83 6 days ago
      @KiaSoul You're welcome. ^_^
      Burn is definitely my favorite one. <3
  • bmore 23 days ago
    The best show I ever HATED! And watched the entire frickin thing! I swear it was absolute torture, but I could not stop myself. I must have asked myself a million times wth am I watching this,and kept watching. Unlike some, but like some others, I was on Soo Hyuk's side from day one. I don't think the writers ever planned on him being the one to get the girl, but somewhere along the line, along with everything else they messed up on this thing, they changed their minds. If they hadn't messed up in writing his character, then maybe the ending would have made more sense to more people. For me, I NEVER felt that relationship with YJ and MY...no chemistry at all. But I could go on and on and on...It won't change anything. The writers messed this up from day one and ruined it. Still....I watched the whole thing! So I guess that says something! I've dropped plenty of others.
    1 ❤
    • _Rosie 20 days ago
      I loved your rant I too had a love hate relationship with this drama, glad its over lol
      1 ❤
  • Luciga24 24 days ago
    Just saw the ending. Well everyone got their happy ending except the viewer. What rubbish. I completely regret watching this drama. Stalker chick got MY really??? SJ and YJ ended up together??? i'm just so glad it's finally over. Good riddance
    2 ❤
  • meganjoy12 25 days ago
    After watching the ending I'm so glad I put this on hold at episode 20. it's now going in my dropped list. Congrats on being the first show I ever started watching and dropped.
    1 ❤
  • _Rosie 27 days ago
    Just saw ep 45 and I would be quite happy with the drama ending right there XD
  • samsoons 30 days ago
    Who changed back to 50 episodes? This drama ends next sunday, with episode 47.
    • _Rosie 30 days ago
      I have no idea whats going on with this drama's episode count. First 50 then 45 then 47 now 50 again lol
    • samsoons 30 days ago
      I can't find the sources right now, but I'm almost 100% sure there will be only 47 eps. The cast has been posting stuff online saying it's the final week, saying goodbye etc.
      1 ❤
    • _Rosie 30 days ago
      I hope you are right and it finishes sooner rather than later I just want it to end asap now
      1 ❤
    • Rika217 26 days ago
      Is this really so bad? I stopped watching after episode 20.
    • samsoons 26 days ago
      @Rika217: it's ridiculous at this point. The second half of the drama has been a mess (a little bit after you stopped), but I just finished episode 43 and... I find pretty much everything ridiculous.
    • _Rosie 25 days ago
      @samsoons you were right it has finished this weekend on 47 episodes lol Just 2 more episodes and I can complete this farce of a drama and pretend it never happened :D
      1 ❤
  • milafanway Mar 16, 2014
    The sad thing is that I don't even care, I only want this to end T__T
    4 ❤
  • samsoons Mar 10, 2014
    It was said that the drama will end with 47 episodes. I've submitted the change :)
    • _Rosie Mar 10, 2014
      NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I want it to end already its dragging so much :(
      4 ❤
    • samsoons Mar 11, 2014
      True :( It seems they want more time to develop Yoo Jung and Moo Yeol's ending, because it would be too rushed to end it this weekend. Might mean a lot of things, but SBS decided to give the drama two more episodes for closure.
    • kit1186 Mar 15, 2014
      Oh I read up earlier it was supposed to only be 45. But a lot of endings are rushed at the end. What makes this one so different?
    • samsoons Mar 15, 2014
      No idea, but SBS decided to add two episodes after initially taking out 5, making it 47. There are a lot of possibilities: the next drama is not ready to air or they simply decided the drama 'deserved' two more LOL, which is weird considering they seemed to have lost their faith in it.
  • bettyboo Mar 8, 2014
    I put this drama on hold around ep 20 and now I'm really tempted to drop it. The only think that kept from doing it is Moo Yool character. I really liked this guy because he is loyal to his beliefs and to his actions. Is his character still the same? because from what I read I'm sure I'll hate Yoo Jung and I don't think I can watch her and Soo Hyuk together.
    3 ❤
  • Ambitious_96 Mar 6, 2014
    am I the only one who still watches this drama? seems like everyone dropped it hehe
    • _Rosie Mar 6, 2014
      If I hadn't invested so much time already and if they hadnt cut it back by 5 episodes I would be tempted to drop it lol. I saw ep 40 the other day and NOTHING happened during that episode to move the plot along. They have run this drama into the ground the writing is just going nowhere
      1 ❤
    • cityhunter83 Mar 7, 2014
      i'm watching it in fits and starts.i'm on episode 30 some odd and i gotta say i stand by earlier statements that unless Soo Hyuk goes full on Shunji Spiral and kills some one Yoo Jung has just been too good a wife for me not to hate her when she ditches him fo Moo Yeol.
    • _Rosie Mar 7, 2014
      lol I like that "full on Shunji spiral" lets see if that happens. I just cant imagine YJ with MY anymore, they have spoilt that relationship for me anyway.
  • orhideja Mar 6, 2014
    the cast is excellent and very good acting but a bad script,I gave up on this drama after twenty-five episodes
    1 ❤
  • Ambitious_96 Mar 6, 2014
    The way she screamed "Tell me!", even I got scared haha. Good job in that scene. Can't wait for next week's episode!
  • iChuu Mar 5, 2014
    I thought this drama would be great. The plot sounded good, the cast looked ok. But what a waste of time
    It gets so boring. Main girl is an annoying, "self righteous", push over, cliche bish. So boring . About to drop it
    2 ❤
  • minjung0703 Feb 25, 2014
    worth watching or wasting time?
    wanna know?gggrgrggrgrgrg
    • samsoons Feb 28, 2014
      The writing tends to be messy; the OTP was badly handled since the beginning, in my opinion; there are a lot of the typical exaggerated plot devices (people dying at the hands of the villains, birth secrets, female lead being dumbed down constantly to make things work); uninteresting secondary characters and well, 5 episodes being cut off should also be a sign that something didn't go as planned.

      You'll only know if you check it out, but it's not exactly a masterpiece so far.
      2 ❤
    • minjung0703 Feb 28, 2014
      ..hey thanks for that info..helps a lot,,ill change my mind,,
      1 ❤


Passionate Love

Passionate Love


  • Main Title: Passionate Love
  • Native title: 열애
  • Also Known as: Yeolae ; Hot Love ; Crazy Romance ; Madly in Love ;

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  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: September 28, 2013 to March 23, 2014
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • # of Episodes 47
    Average Duration 1 hr. 5 min. per episode
  • Genres: Business, Family, Makjang, Melodrama, Romance


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