Jang Ha Na is the fourth daughter of the eldest son of a family that’s been making soy sauce for hundred of years. She has to dress up like a man because of their financial situation. The family needs a male representative for their soy sauce business. After giving birth to four daughters, they gave up for trying for the male heir and the fourth daughter will just have to pretend to be a boy and act like a son within the family.

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  • last daughter acts like a boy all her life. has to be the heir because fam cant have boys and keep having daughters
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  • Chrisstina 14 days ago
    Wait, what? Han Yoon Chan is what? Wow, what a twist!^^
  • Chrisstina 14 days ago
    Yes! Ha Na won! :D Go Eun Seong! <3
  • khrui 16 days ago
    Got tired of waiting for the good subs after ep 40, Google translate is the next best thing and so far at ep 54 the drame is stiil worth watching :)
    • kristina303 14 days ago
      Yeah I'm also watching it with these Google translated subs, but the story got really thrilling in these episodes and so far you can understand what they actually meant :)
      The problem is, when I do a marathon of OWRDH and watch it the whole day, after I finish i want to speak like these subs >.< I turn into a pabo XD
      2 ❤
    • khrui 13 days ago
      For me this past few days were marathon and now at ep 73 I'm waiting for the episodes to come out :)
      When I'm watching my other asian drama I neet a minute to switch to normal English sub mode...
      2 ❤
  • versaillesyoo 16 days ago
    Just curious, do they ever acknowledge the other two sisters that live with the aunt? LOL because it seems like they never existed.
    2 ❤
    • kristina303 14 days ago
      haha i had the same thoughts! I think maybe they use them later. Like they return from America and are all wixed and mighty and either help the family or are so stupid like Do Hyuns sistar OR even hate their family and like Ra Gong...Because well they didn't grow up with their mother and haven't experienced what they did and maybe hate the mother because he didn't even CALL ONES! XD The whole 54 episodes he didn't call her daughters once!
  • versaillesyoo 17 days ago
    I'm getting to episode 40 but I still find the nurse-doctor gossiping scenes so bizarre.
    • Millian 16 days ago
      Yeah, the first time they went on about his first love, I was like WTF is happening?
      3 ❤
    • versaillesyoo 15 days ago
      It's as if they're teenage girls having a sleepover talking about boys.
    • Millian 15 days ago
      I know, it doesn't seem natural. The writers could have done a better job at giving the doctor some exposition
    • versaillesyoo 15 days ago
      Or at least another doctor friend. I think it'd look less forced.
    • Millian 15 days ago
      Yes! I hope I don't sound sexist or elitist but WTH. You have a female nurse standing in one spot pushing out invasive question and he's behind his desk grinning and replying. I can almost see all the crew members wincing when they go on.

      It is the exact way every single time. He was good in Cheer Up, Mr. Kim but now I zone off when he shows up.
    • versaillesyoo 15 days ago
      I just laugh at the awkwardness. Also the fact that his character is there for the sole purpose of "threatening" Ha Na's true identity is kind of boring. I mean, it's obvious he won't end up with the sister so, why bother making scenes of him with this nurse who is apparently his ultimate BFF?
      2 ❤
    • Millian 15 days ago
      True, that is his sole purpose. Well I guess he and the actress playing the nurse got paid so that is the only good thing from that plot line.

      If we are about nixing all irrelevant characters in Kdramas, we are going to need a bigger boat.
      1 ❤
  • chaimae 18 days ago
    where's the episodes??
  • darkn3ss 19 days ago
    I like Yoo Chan better, he's not afraid of going after what he want. And he's always been straight on is intentions toward her. Do Hyun is cute but that is it. The's more depth to yoo chan so i hope she end up with him.
    2 ❤
  • Ambitious_96 20 days ago
    I honestly love the sisters in this drama, other than Ra Hee. of course.

    Both are extremely funny. And Ha Na's sister acting is so DAMN good. How can she do such a perfect job?
    3 ❤
  • girl_on_fire 21 days ago
    This is going to make me sound so bad but....I'm really getting tired of all the corporate scenes. I would like some more romantic scenes in this drama. lol.
    3 ❤
  • Chrisstina 22 days ago
    Why is Do Hyun so gentle? I just wanna hug him ^^ Btw, I'm on episode 31 :D
    1 ❤
  • Fatimah 23 days ago
    freaking STILL waiting for at least ONE KISS ! WHEN >:o
    3 ❤
    • Chrisstina 22 days ago
      Maybe it will be soon though, I'm still on episode 31, I recently started and it's sooo good :D Maybe it will be next week :D
      1 ❤
    • girl_on_fire 21 days ago
      I'm on episode 81 and there have been 0 kiss scenes with the lead girl. I'm starting to get frustrated. All I ask for is one kiss!!! lol
      1 ❤
    • Chrisstina 21 days ago
      Wow, then I really must to wait. But, anyway the good storyiline is covering it up ^^
    • girl_on_fire 21 days ago
      Haha yes but chingu who are you rooting for?
    • Chrisstina 21 days ago
      Hhaha, that's a hard question. Everyone here is saying Yoon Chan, but I must admit that I'm Do Hyun side ^^ You? Probably Yoon Chan, right? :D
    • girl_on_fire 21 days ago
      Nooooooooo chingu!! Why?!

      Yes I am on Yoon Chan's side. :D

      Is it that obvious? lol
    • Chrisstina 21 days ago
      I don't know, cuz he's gentle and hot. But, I think that's only temporaly, cause I'm a little bit falling in love with Yoon Chan. And that guy is sooooo hoot *_* But, I'm on Do Hyun side right now, but chingu I'm on 36th episode :D
    • girl_on_fire 21 days ago
      Right. Forgot. lol.

      Well Do Hyun is very hot and gentle! I have to admit to that BUT once you get into the later episodes you will be able to see Yoon Chan's charismatic side.

      They both are good-looking in different ways. ;)
    • Chrisstina 21 days ago
      Ok, I'll keep you posted then :D
      Heheh, you're right ;)
    • Ambitious_96 20 days ago
      Hey! Im just so curious. Since u reached ep 81. Who does she love right now?

      Don't forget to mark it spoiler or other MDL'ers will kill us both hehe
      1 ❤
    • girl_on_fire 20 days ago
      So basically Do Hyun and Ha Na are having this love/hate relationship because right now they kinda are on opposite sides (company wise) and she just feels betrayed because he got married to her half-sister while she was gone and didn't go looking for her when she disappeared.

      Oh and her half-sister is planning revenge against Ha Na because she feels Ha Na stole her husband. Which maybe is true in some ways.

      There is A LOT of stuff going on with the company so I decided not to go into great detail with that. lol.

      Yoon Chan is helping her take back her rightful place in SS Group...so it still is unclear who she prefers....I guess right now Yoon Chan because he is helping her but I have this uneasy feeling that Yoon Chan will become the sole Heir to SS Group and Ha Na will end up with Do Hyun or maybe that won't happen...who knows?

      1 ❤
  • girl_on_fire 29 days ago
    I like it how Yoon Chan keeps confronting Do Hyun head on!

    Go get your girl Yoon Chan!!
    2 ❤
  • martinnnax Mar 17, 2014
    ugh, I hate the grandpa so much..
    2 ❤
    • tiabelle Mar 18, 2014
      IKR he's such a freaking butthole, while his real "grandson" sold his company to Sul Jin Mook, he's still harping on that only men can make soy sauce crap. I kinda hope Ha Na doesn't help him get his company back
  • kristina303 Mar 14, 2014
    OMG i can't believe that i really switched to Do Hyuns side. I'm on ep 46.
    I don't know... i like both of them :S But Yoon Chan is always the same and it's getting boring.
    welll maybe itll change and I'll switch on Team Yoon Chan again later :D
    2 ❤
  • Ambitious_96 Mar 12, 2014
    ppl who switched from Team Do Hyun to Team Yoon Chan, like!

    He suddenly turned effin hot!! haha
    5 ❤


One Well-Raised Daughter

One Well-Raised Daughter


  • Main Title: One Well-Raised Daughter
  • Native title: 잘 키운 딸 하나
  • Also Known as: Jal Kiwoon Ddal Hana ; A Well Grown Daughter ; Well Brought Up Daughter Ha Na

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  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: December 2, 2013 to ?
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • # of Episodes 120
    Average Duration 40 min. per episode
  • Genres: Drama, Family, Makjang, Romance


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