"Who Slept With Her?" takes place in a boys high school, where a bunch of male students and teachers are fascinated by a new student teacher at the school. As is expected, they all fight to get her. But when a rumor spreads that she slept with one of the men from the school, a group tries to find out his identity. Beautiful, sexy Ji-young is placed at an all boys' high school as student-teacher. Teenage boys in puberty think of her as a sex goddess and fantasize about her. Then from one of the classrooms, Dean of Students sees a silhouette of a couple embracing and hears a woman moaning. He goes to the classroom only to discover a pair of red stilettos. He suspects Ji-young and is resolved to protect the boys from her sexual charms. -asianmediawiki

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  • May 12, 2011 1 of 1 episodes seen
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    The movie mostly is based on misunderstandings and a lot of day dreaming. The beautiful teacher is seen as a sex symbol and a trophy especially to a group of students with whom she enters in contact with. This way we can determine the main actors of our story. While the situation is rather amusing mostly because of the decan, it lacks depth remaining rather undeveloped. Still, overall it can be seen as a light comedy.
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  • Feb 19, 2013 1 of 1 episodes seen
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    Okay. This is the type of movie to see when you are utterly bored out of your mind and have nothing else to do. It is a whole lot of humour if you don't mind extreme pevertness with a sprinkle of weird.

    The story revolves around a sexy new teacher who enters an all boys school and is immediately in the competition for "Who shall bed her first!". All sorts of improper behaviour is seen from the teachers and students and a very unique guy with a very unique problem ;)

    This movie is really a good laugh and the unexpected ending leaves you baffled! At least I was left with my mouth wide open and jaw touching the ground.

    Have a nice time watching. But
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Who Slept with Her

Who Slept with Her


  • Main Title: Who Slept with Her
  • Native title: 누가 그녀와 잤을까?
  • Also Known as: Sexy teacher,Hot for Teacher,Nuga geunyeo-wa jasseulkka?

General Details

  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Released Date: November 16, 2006
  • Average Duration 1 hr. 49 min.
  • Genres:


  • Score: 6.32 (scored by 462 users)
  • Ranked: #1034
  • Popularity: #216
  • Members: 691
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