Sunk Into Her (aka. Love Her) is a 2000 South Korean movie. Jae-mo leaves the world behind and takes refuge in a remote fishing village. Out of nowhere, Soo-bin comes into his life. Their relationship is purely physical at first but their love intensifies as they begin to deeply understand each other's pain. Soo-bin unwittingly discovers sheets of music that Jae-mo had written and realizes that he was once a composer. She decides to help him fulfill his dream by returning to Seoul.

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  • azndrama Aug 14, 2013
    I didn't find the sex scenes realistic or necessary to this movie, but if you skip those scenes and watch the storyline, it shows a pretty accurate picture incl. causes, pattern, results and the debilitating affects on self/others mental illness can be.
  • Misunderst0_od Aug 11, 2013
    This was basically porn with a very horrible plot. Complete waste of my time.
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Sunk into Her

Sunk into Her


  • Main Title: Sunk into Her
  • Native title: 그녀에게 잠들다

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