Woo Sang is a national swimmer who's always pursuing the number one spot. Won Il is a swimming prodigy who stopped participating in the sport, and now wants to make a comeback. Not only do they become rivals, but they also fall for the same girl, Jung Eun, an aspiring musician who is their childhood friend. The three lifelong friends suddenly find themselves having to juggle love, friendship, and competition, as they undergo the rite of passage of growing up.

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    • Overall  4
    • Story  3
    • Acting/Cast  5
    • Music  3
    • Rewatch Value  2
    Time for a movie that even before the premiere, thanks to the cast and announced setting, has become a favorite movie of all women. To some extent, this helped achieve commercial success and it grossed almost 3 billion won (~$2,8mln), although it was seen in theaters by less than 500 thousand people. This is the debut movie of director Jo Yong-Sun and another cliche story by Yoo Young-A (The Wedding Dress (2010), As One (2012) , My Paparotti (2013) , Bel Ami (2013)). This is not, in any way an ambitious movie, it is not even a good movie, and the only thing that saves it in the eyes of the audience is Lee Jong-Suk and Seo In-Guk in the main roles and a large amount read more
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  • Feb 16, 2014 1 of 0 episodes seen
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    I loved it !!! it was really funny especially when Seo In Guk didn't want to go to school " ? ??? ?. "
    Don't know why people hate it , i just enjoyed watching this movie . the actors were great and handsome !!
    the music was nice .
    i recommend this movie , really go people and watch it !!
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  • dpcirizarry123 8 days ago
    Cute, funny & light! GREAT EYE CANDY!!!! Not a masterpiece, not a rotten tomato. Just a movie for when you do not want to use your brain to think deep thoughts. Have fun!
  • moosicow 11 days ago
    Pretty laid back, and Seo In Guk's character was really funny. I just wished Yuri's character had a more compelling part, instead of serving just as love interest and nothing more.
    1 ❤
  • sam30317 15 days ago
    Soo funny
  • locurabella 19 days ago
    This is the type of movie where you sit back and enjoy the eye candy on a rainy/lazy day.
    Nothing deep about this movie; very predictable with funny moments.
    That's all to it.
    4 ❤
  • forever_shawol Mar 19, 2014
    So much eye candy and fan service!
    5 ❤
  • forever_shawol Mar 19, 2014
    Seo In Gook's character is so cute how much he eats I love him here
    4 ❤
  • ihateoppa Mar 19, 2014
    I agree with the previous comment, SIG's character was the only reason I made it through the film. almost every scene seemed unfinished then it just cut to another random scene and the plot was really poorly executed.
    LJS's "want me to kick your ass again" was gold though
    2 ❤
  • Stained_Glass Mar 17, 2014
    I didn't have high expectations for this movie, so probably that's why I am not dissapointed too much. Actors were good, especially Seo In Guk, who was adorable and funny. But the story was quite weak, it went nowhere, at least for me, I could not really feel the characters. Not the best, but also not the worst movie I ever saw.
    4 ❤
  • Emz Mar 17, 2014
    omg it was amazing movie !
    1 ❤
  • orhideja Mar 15, 2014
    very nice and fresh movie, except for the sports part this movie has and a small part of the romance 9
  • krosland Mar 15, 2014
    It was so funny hahahhaha :)
    2 ❤
  • Kyah. Mar 12, 2014
    So much potential for a BL story... I'm a bit disappointed xD
  • KissMeNaNa Mar 8, 2014
    where to watch it? :/
  • Little-Dream Feb 28, 2014
    Two words to describe this movie: FAN SERVICE :3
    13 ❤
  • Clemi-chan Feb 18, 2014
    I was a bit hesitating when I started watching it but it kept getting better :D The ending was lovely and I loved the music!!


No Breathing

No Breathing


  • Main Title: No Breathing
  • Native title: 노브레싱
  • Also Known as: Nobeureshing

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  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Released Date: October 31, 2013
  • Average Duration 1 hr. 58 min.
  • Genres: Drama, Sports, Youth


  • Score: 7.68 (scored by 1,019 user)
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