Favorite Movies

by zukuu created May 1, 2014 | last updated Jan 6, 2017
  • 1.Nobody Knows add
    Japanese Movie - 2004
    Nobody Knows tells the story of four siblings and their young mother (played by J-Pop star You) who move into a small apartment in Tokyo. There is no father around,…
  • 2.The Beauty Inside add
    Korean Movie - 2015
    What would you do if you woke up with a new face every day? Woo Jin, a man who designs furniture for a living, is used to this. An elderly…
  • 3.Bestseller add
    Korean Movie - 2010
    Writer Hee Soo moves to a small house in a rural area after becoming involved in a plagiarism scandal. Hee Soo then hears a mysterious figure telling horrifying stories and…