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Japanese Movie - 2012

"Good Morning Everyone!" revolves around a family involved in the punk music scene. Aki (Kumiko Aso) is a former guitarist for a punk band. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Hatsuki (Ayaka Miyoshi). The mother and daughter live together happily, but they do have different personalities.…

  • 5.5
Chinese Movie - 2017


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Japanese Movie - 1979

G.I. Samurai is a 1979 Japanese feature-length film focusing on the adventures of a modern-day Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) team that accidentally travels back in time to the Warring States period. Adapted from the novel by Hanmura Ryo.

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Korean Movie - 2012

''Coffee" depicts the assassination attempt of King Gojong (Park Hee-Soon) - the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty. Set towards the end of the 19th century, when coffee was first introduced to Korea, Russian sharpshooter Illichi (Joo Jin-Mo) and Joseon's first barista Danya (Kim So-Yeon) are manipulated…

  • 7.1
Japanese Movie - 2008

Twenty-year-old Igarashi wakes up every morning, able to remember only his life prior to a bicycle accident in which he suffered permanent damage to his frontal cortex and temporal lobe. Resorting to copious notes and Polaroids, Igarashi must try to cull together some semblance of continuity to his…

  • 6.7
Japanese Movie - 2010

Three former farmers from Kinugasa Village — Ryutoku, Gon, and Yonesuke, become samurai to earn a living. The three of them are the toughest swordsmen within their own village, but they soon face a formidable rival in Jojima from Onikubi Village, who recently fought in a real battle.

  • 6.3
Japanese Movie - 2015

Oomoto Tokio is a yankee (troubled kid). He is from Nishi-Kawaguchi in Kawaguchi, Japan. Tokio hates to lose. He decides to make money and also throw away his virginity. He goes to Ikebukuro, Tokyo and begins to work part-time as a cleaner at a love hotel. There, he becomes involved in a disturbance.

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Japanese Movie - 2015


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Japanese Movie - 2010

Kuronaga Hayato feared as one the strongest fighters in the district voluntarily drop out of his last year of high school and find himself in the Holy Land of Yakuza in Shibuya. Where he meets Yoshio senpai, former top of the school, and Noriko a high school student who sells her body for cash. Hayato…

  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 2010

After the big fight in Shibuya, Hayato returns to live with Noriko and Yoshio in Kabukicho. Meanwhile students from Kabukicho High School start to terrorize the local residents, and manipulate the Yakuza to their bidding. Hayato, doesn’t stand for the tyranny and becomes the number one target, which…

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Korean Movie - 1989

A third rate comedian who aspires to become a film director and a barber who aspires to become an actor team up to make their first movie.

  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 2012

Japan falls into chaos after the earthquake in eastern Japan. The Japanese government then learns from the American CIA that uranium is being smuggled in Japan. The anti-terrorism investigators led by Kenji Sumimoto (Atsuro Watabe) attempt to uncover the truth by tracking the wife of a company president…

  • 8.4
Japanese Movie - 2014

Set in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, movie follows the love of four men and women. Mizuho runs a restaurant alone which her grandmother started. Hayato is a mysterious man who begins to appear at Mizuho’s restaurant. Riko is a pretty girl who came from Tokyo. Shota is Mizuho’s childhood friend.

  • 6.5

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