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Japanese Movie - 2010

"I am" is based on a near-future novel written by Hiroe Suga. Miki is a cute humanoid care robot. By some freak coincidence, she starts to find her own identity. And then. . .

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 1975

Nakadai is an English teacher at a local school. He’s put-upon like the patron figure of dozens of films and televisions shows. Viewers who are especially fans of Nakadai will appreciate how the actor comically rants about here. His home life is almost disastrous, with a ditzy (but attractive) wife,…

  • 5.7
Korean Movie - 2017

A carefree Japanese cat! A proud Taiwanese Cat! A witty Korean cat?! I want to be happy too! A road movie about stray cats seeking happiness.

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Korean Movie - 2011

Corrupt detective Han Jong Sik (Kim Seung Woo) takes care of a gang and gets kickbacks to save his daughter. One day he gets news from the organ transplant coordinator that they have found a heart for his daughter (kim Sae Ron). However, he finds out the donor is magician Na Sang Man (Son Byeong Ho)…

  • 7.3
Japanese Movie - 2016

A mysterious virus suddenly spreads throughout Japan causing widespread panic. People infected with the virus are called ZQN. The ZQN attack people with superhuman strength and their victims also become ZQN. Hideo Suzuki happens to meet a female high school student, Hiromi Hayakari. They run away from…

  • 8.0
Korean Movie - 2012

Before Grand Prince Chungnyeong becomes King Sejong the Great, he places a slave, who looks like him, in his throne and ventures outside of the palace walls. There Grand Prince Chungnyeong experiences the life of common people and society at large.

  • 7.6
Japanese Movie - 2015

After the death of his grandfather, Koen Shirakawa (Atsushi Ito) quits his job at a bookstore and goes to a temple to become a monk.

  • 7.5
Japanese Movie - 2000

Kurosaki is a failed author who has turned to writing cheap S&M porn as a way to make a buck. Lacking expertise, and seeking inspiration for his writing, he has his assistant Kawada hire young models to stage various sexual scenarios. Naturally, Kurosaki’s wife isn’t happy discovering nubile young…

  • 5.3
Chinese Movie - 2017


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Thai Movie - 2010

Chai's grandmother has gambling debts, i.e. 560 000 bath. Chai has to find solutions as the mafia is looking to get back their money.

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Korean Movie - 2009

A man suffers from mental illness after having lived with a mother suffering from dementia and a brother addicted to gambling. Now institutionalized, he falls in love with a nurse at the psychiatric hospital.

  • 6.5
Japanese Movie - 2013

Based on a true story, the film revolves around a murderer named Tatsuya Ichihashi who avoided capture by the police for 2 years and 7 months after murdering a British woman teaching English in Japan. While on the run, Ichihashi feels tremendous guilt for his crime and continuously alters his facial…

  • 5.8
Korean Movie - 1978

Due to her father's debts, Yun Go Na marries Song Kye Nam but she is unhappy because of Kye Nam's self-indulgent lifestyle. Go Na takes her daughter, Min Hi, and goes to Seoul where she gets a job as a hostess. One day, Mun Byung Kil proposes to Go Na. Troubled by her situation, Go Na turns him down.…

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Chinese Movie - 2016


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