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Japanese Movie - 1999

Nanako quits her job in Tokyo to return to her home island where her grandfather, Keitatsu and grandmother, Nabbie, still live. The ferry is captained by SunRa, who dressed in a dandy tropical outfit, seems to have some nostalgic link to the island. One day, Nanako sees Nabbie and SunRa in each other's…

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Japanese Movie - 2008

The story is set in Chiran, Kagoshima, the site of a secret base used to launch kamikaze missions during the war. At the time, a group of young girls known as the Nadeshiko Tai were gathered to help out at the base. The drama will be part documentary and it is based on the experiences of 78-year-old…

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 2000

Strange things lurk in dreams. For Mukoda Tetsurou and the doctors tending to him, things have begun to get stranger as Mukoda begins having longer and longer dreams every night. Can one dream infinity in the span of a night?

  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 2015

Nobuko works in Nagasaki, Japan as a midwife. Her son died 3 years earlier from the atomic bomb. On August 9, 1948, her son appears in front of her again. Since that time, Koji appears in front of her and they reminiscence about pleasant times. These happy, but bizarre moments seem eternal.

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Japanese Movie - 2017

Miyuki Nakajima is a Japanese singer-songwriter and radio personality whose sales have been estimated at more than 21 million copies. For Westerners,she can be described as the female Japanese equivalent of Bob Dylan -- she's a bit younger than Dylan, and her guitar-based, intelligent, and wordy folk…

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Japanese Movie - 2014

This is the second part of a series of recordings of the musical performances of Miyuki Nakajima.

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Hong Kong Movie - 2003

The film details the rise of two guys from lowly editors at a magazine to kings of the local porn industry. Along the way there's laughs, jabs at the porn industry, digs at their consumers, appearances by some comely Hong Kong actresses, occasional no-name skin, and then a final dip into the conflicts…

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Hong Kong Movie - 2014

Literature graduate Wyman Chan writes erotic stories in the soft porn section of the newspaper for a living, but with the soft porn section ceasing publication, he loses his job. The unemployed Chan becomes capricious, and takes inspiration from men working in the Japanese adult video (AV) industry…

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Hong Kong Movie - 1992

A young woman is trained by a martial arts specialist to become a professional assassin.

  • 7.2
Japanese Movie - 2009

At a plastic factory in the country, Ritsuko, an experienced worker, helps a new part-timer named Chinatsu, who is also pregnant. This stirs up painful memories for Ritsuko, who had a miscarriage when she was in a car accident several years ago.66

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Japanese Movie - 1969

Caught up in the swirling tide of student protests and riots, a young man becomes the unintentional murderer of a policeman. Handcuffed and en route to jail, he escapes from the authorities and comes across a young woman on the beach, who is intent on committing suicide. The two embark on a passionate…

  • 4.0
Hong Kong Movie - 2012

The story of Phoenix who kidnapped as child by Madame Rose after she killed her family except for Phoenix's father is Interpol agent Cl Leng is still struggled to find his daughter. Phoenix is now assassin under Madam Rosa's orders her target was her own father

  • 7.3
Hong Kong Movie - 2002

A mysterious woman, known as Madame M, kidnaps forty pre-teen girls and transports them to a remote island to train them as the most deadly assassins. CIA operative Jack Chen follows the case for 6 years with no leads, but when a series of assassinations begin to occur, Jack suspects that Madame M is…

  • 7.3
Thai Movie - 2017


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