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Chinese Movie - 2017


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Chinese Movie - 1986

This is a melodrama about the re-education of a woman from the city during the Cultural Revolution. Li Chun is sent to work on a commune in Yunnan, near the Burmese border (the Sipsongpanna area), where the Dai people live a happy, uninhibited and friendly existence (at least according to this drama).…

  • 7.0
Chinese Movie - 2012

When a young man fights with his girlfriend and breaks up with her, his well-intentioned parents shower him with relationship advice. Can their wisdom help him make the right decision about his own relationship? “QingDao Love Story” is one of a six-part Chinese short film series based on the theme…

  • 7.8
Japanese Movie - 2001

Shotaro and Minako are arguing. Minako has confessed her infidelity to her husband and informs him of her intention to leave him. She has ceased to enjoy living with a submissive husband. Minako, who works for a construction company, loves her job and is progressing in her successful career, while her…

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 2012

Filming for this movie began just before the 11 March earthquake and tsunami struck the region of Chiba. Residents of the town helped clean debris and rubble so filming could continue. Quartet centers around Nagae Kai (Takasugi Mahiro), a promising middle-school violinist living in Urayasu, Chiba. His…

  • 6.9
Korean Movie - 2013

Timid husband Young Soo, learns of something startling about his perfectionist wife Hee Joo's past. Young Soo then begins to investigate her past.

  • 7.3
Hong Kong Movie - 1991

This is a story about Har Jay, a legend of Hong Kong's underworld. Beautiful and brashy, she climbs from the lowest depths of the Hong Kong society to become the acclaimed queen of night life. Then she vanishes from the scene with a last burst of gory glory. Young Har Jay starts as a waitress in a low…

  • 6.0
Korean Movie - 2016

A high school girl, Man-bok, who has to walk for four hours every day back and forth between home and her school due to the congenital motion sickness disorder, happens to begin her training as a speed walking athlete unexpectedly. Through the cooperative training with her friend Soo-ji, whom she meets…

  • 7.6
Thai Movie - 2008

As sea pirates threaten to invade their kingdoms, three queens of Langkasuka must band together to defend their lands and peoples.

  • 6.8
Chinese Movie - 2009

This documentary reviews and summarizes the development of homosexuality as an issue in the past three decades in China. We interviewed thirty prominent figures in the gay community, who have experienced the changes of views and lifestyles regarding homosexuality.

  • 9.0
Korean Movie - 2013

A short story about a young homosexual young man named Candy.

  • 6.0
Korean Movie - 2015

Cheol Soo, who is also a loner, can't the ability to save by oneself. Cheol Soo, now an adult, is living alone. As first social life, He began life (the Adult world) at gay host bar "JUNGLE" as an apprentice. As time goes on, The world treated him harshly, also ruined him gradually. This is a story…

  • 6.8
Korean Movie - 2011

Quick is a speed-action blockbuster, whose title refers to the type of courier in Korea called "quick service delivery." Our hero is one such courier who's given the mission to convey a bomb within 30 minutes, which takes him through the heart of Seoul at super-high speeds. Ki-Soo, Myung-Sik and Ah-Rom…

  • 7.6
Japanese Movie - 2004

Quill is one of the five puppies of an ordinary Labrador mom. What makes Quill special from his siblings is that he has a black spot in his belly that is shaped like a bird, and that he is stubbornly intelligent. He is sent to training school, but is first kept by a couple until he turns one year old.…

  • 8.0

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