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Korean Movie - 2004

On a dreary day Jini gets laid off by her boyfriend with the final note that he was only interested in making love to her but not in a lasting relationship. This triggers the girl's curiosity about whether her past three lovers were also only after her favors. As a result Jini checks back on her previous…

  • 6.8
Hong Kong Movie - 2015

The film centers on two couples, starting with Hung and Bobo, newlyweds who are having sex problems. He’s got performance issues because he’s stressed out, plus she’s unadventurous in bed and only wants sex to have a baby. Meanwhile, she’s telling her family and friends about his problems –…

  • 6.7
Hong Kong Movie - 2016

While he was tailing a Jockey Club trader in his investigation, Principal Investigator William Luk of the ICAC witnessed the murder of the trader by Song Ren Xin, a lone assassin. Inspector Lau Po Keung of the Crime Unit was assigned to the murder and got nowhere with Luk’s testimony as Luk refused…

  • 6.6
Japanese Movie - 2015

The NPS (National Police Safetyrescue), whose purpose is to catch extreme criminals alive, becomes the center of attention. A sit-in demonstration takes place. Members of the NPS, including Ichigo Kamikura. go to the protest site. Meanwhile, a transport ship is hijacked in the Pacific Ocean.

  • 7.5
Korean Movie - 1988

Sa Bang Ji, a hermaphrodite born to a hardened criminal , is raised in a monestary after his mother proves to be mentally unstable. However, his/her confusing sexual desires prove to be too much for Sa Bang Ji to bear and he/she begins to slip into insanity. At the monastery, Sa Bang Ji meets and falls…

  • --
Korean Movie - 2005

Hyun Jung's (Moon So Ri) biological clock is ticking, but she's got a longterm boyfriend, and things look like they're on track. That is, until Min Seok (Lee Sun Kyun) dumps her unceremoniously. Emotionally damaged and desperate to get married, Hyun Jung grasps at every straw and ends up falling for…

  • 5.5
Japanese Movie - 2002

Framed for a crime he did not commit, Eiji is subjected to the harsh realities of the Ishikawa Island workhouse. Sabu, Eiji's longtime friend, must discover who is responsible for his incarceration, before prison life consumes him completely.

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 2016

People leave a small town in the country to live in the city. The ones left behind in the small town don't have many options for work. There is a commercial district in the town, but they don't have many customers due to a nearby large shopping mall. The small town is almost like a ghost town. A young…

  • 7.0
Chinese Movie - 2010

For generations the Zhao family has wielded power, until their mortal enemy TU'AN GU slaughters the entire clan, determined to wipe out their influence forever. But one Zhao baby survives hidden by CHENG YING the doctor who delivered him. When Tu'an Gu learns of the baby's escape he seizes every infant…

  • 7.5
Chinese Movie - 2012

Liu Tong (Hu Xia) is a computer programmer in a film and television studio he is a small potato who is quiet, stubborn and solitary. His beautiful colleague Yang Jia (Cecilia Liu) is adored and pampered by all. She has an innocent aura and could almost pass as an princess in a fairytale. Many people…

  • 7.0
Korean Movie - 2015

A sad story about a a father's wrong choice that leads to him losing everything including his children.

  • --
Korean Movie - 2005

This film is about eight individuals facing the most brilliant separations in their lives. The passionate fire fighter, 30 years old, tries to propose to his lover but every time he misses the chance. In the meantime, she becomes anxious whenever she hears a siren. Suk-hyeon intends to break up with…

  • 7.8
Japanese Movie - 2014

A feature about modern love told in 12 chapters. The intertwined stories offer insight and humour about the intricacies of contemporary relationships — following a two-timing aspiring film-maker, a flighty shopgirl who knows little about love, a former pop idol in an abusive relationship, a speedwalker…

  • --
Japanese Movie - 2007

Sad Vacation tells the story of Kenji, a boy who makes his living by doing odd jobs and being a driver for drunken customers of a local bar. Kenji has not yet overcome the pain of being abandoned by his mother when he was very young, and losing his father, who committed suicide. Despite his own bitterness…

  • 6.6

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