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Korean Movie - 1983

Dong shik is a lecturer who grew up an orphan. He laments the fact that he can no longer support himself. He becomes a male prostitute. When he first sees Soo Ok, Dong Shik realizes that they are from the same fabric. He proposes to her. Her mother serviced foreign military men when Soo Ok was young.…

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Japanese Movie - 2010

Four young people find themselves in a classroom and forced to participate in the "X Game". Games include "Thumbtack on a chair," "Pencil Guillotine," "Clip," "School Lunch," "Slap," and the "Death Penalty". Who is behind the games? Will these young people make it out alive?

  • 6.6
Japanese Movie - 2012

Five men and women, including female student Misuzu Saeki (Aika Ota), nail artist Yuko Hagiwara (Natsumi Hirajima), find themselves locked up in a classroom by an unknown persons. They are then forced into participating in a survival game called "Class". The theme of revenge is behind the game. Meanwhile,…

  • 6.0
Japanese Movie - 2007

Aiko invites her to visit Ashikari, a remote hot spring village, to mend her broken heart. However, scattered throughout the village are strange, one-legged scarecrows and the atmosphere is downright ominous. At night, the two girls have a fight over Shiyori’s ex-boyfriend. Shiyori takes her cell…

  • 6.8
Hong Kong Movie - 2004

Xanda is the latest film for Tsui Hark as producer. The film concentrates on a kung fu fighter from the countryside named Qiang who goes to the big city, where he learns about the new sport that's sweeping the city. Xanda is a hybrid form of martial arts, varying mainly on kickboxing and grappling.…

  • 9.0
Chinese Movie - 2017


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Chinese Movie - 2016


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Chinese Movie - 2017


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Chinese Movie - 2016


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Chinese Movie - 1998

Xiu Xiu, a 15-year-old girl living in the city of Chengdu, moves out to study horses in the countryside with a nomadic Tibetan. She is told that after six months, she will return to take charge of her all-girl cavalry unit. However she quickly discovers that she is not returning. She learns lessons…

  • 7.7
Chinese Movie - 2016


  • 5.0
Chinese Movie - 2016

During the Tang Dynasty's during the era of "Zhen Guan" (era name during rule of Emperor Taizong), the young Xuan Zang monk, in his quest for the knowledge in Buddhism, embarked on a journey to India, that is fraught with perils and dangers, natural disasters, and sees the sufferings of the common people,…

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