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  • Finding Mr. Destiny
    Written by ShreeyaSharma 5 hours ago
    I absolutely loved everything about this movie. The way it was directed, the story, the actors, the premise, the end, music, cinematography, every single thing. This is the sort of… read more
  • Classic
    Written by ShreeyaSharma 11 hours ago
    There were about 35 minutes left for the movie to get over and I'd already given a rating of 8.5 thinking nothing could redeem the rating now at this point. The scores I've given now… read more
  • King Of Apology
    Written by shaz22 1 day ago
    Nobuo Mizuta's movie 'Apology king' teaches us a very important life lesson in a craziest way possible, that the most serious of problems can be solved by simple empathy. It's a bizarre… read more
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For me, both had almost same story...cute & heartwarming...just projected from two different perspectives! ^^*
Recommended by raiona
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The same chemistry. Both of their romance touch your heart in a natural, gentle, sweet and deep way.
Recommended by athu
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Both movies have a very distinctive style. Both are good, but Hard Romanticker keeps you glued to the screen when Love Exposure fades after a brilliant start. Hard Romanticker is more violent, but on some parts very funny, if you have a certain sense of humor. However both are worth watching if you enjoy this kind of films.
Recommended by Hasumi17