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  • Miss Granny
    Written by arbutus 1 day ago
    If you were given another chance, what would you do? Miss Granny is a movie which ponders this question in a hilarious and heartwarming way. I had heard of this movie many times before… read more
  • Spellbound
    Written by 94loveKdrama 1 day ago
    my heart skips a beat... kekek not because of the romance but because of the ghost though it didn't made me scream, its not that scary for me :) so to the scaredy cat out there like… read more
  • Thermae Romae
    Written by jaejoongsjiji 1 day ago
    I think it was a pretty decent movie overall. You just have to keep in mind that it's not serious, but rather a light movie that you can watch when you want to kill some time. Peronally… read more
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For me, both had almost same story...cute & heartwarming...just projected from two different perspectives! ^^*
Recommended by raiona
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The same chemistry. Both of their romance touch your heart in a natural, gentle, sweet and deep way.
Recommended by athu
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Both movies have a very distinctive style. Both are good, but Hard Romanticker keeps you glued to the screen when Love Exposure fades after a brilliant start. Hard Romanticker is more violent, but on some parts very funny, if you have a certain sense of humor. However both are worth watching if you enjoy this kind of films.
Recommended by Hasumi17