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  • Bakuman.
    Written by sambart 3 hours ago
    OMG this movie was amazing! It's OVER two hours and I still wanted more!! Btw, I've never read the manga so I have nothing to compare to... The acting is great - Sato and Kamiki have… read more
  • Love Forecast
    Written by WonByungHoon 3 days ago
    Very cute movie about friends who've known each other for 18yrs. The boy has always loved the girl but she never looked at him. Seung gi has always been an excellent actor and i loved… read more
  • Miss Granny
    Written by WonByungHoon 3 days ago
    Beautiful story well written, the two main women granny and oo do rii bring life to the story of granny who goes back in time. I could definitely see the difference between them in… read more
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