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  • BeatRock☆Love
    Written by RisefromBlackAshes 2 hours ago
    To be 100% honest, I was not expecting this movie to be as good as it is. I was honestly surprised that both Takeru from SuG was in the lead role and Kiriyama Renn was a supporting… read more
  • ZEDD
    Written by LeenaLovesShin 4 hours ago
    I do not have many words to describe this experience. Unfortunately it's not something like 'Train to Busan' and I got a little pity from my loves of Cross Gene, they struggled, I… read more
  • Merry Christmas
    Written by Senpai 14 hours ago
    Antes de tudo, sim, existia sim 3D naquela época, era conhecido como VHS 3D com direito a óculos e tudo. "Merry Christmas" um filme de 1984, coisas boas são antigas, de 80 à 00… read more
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