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  • One Smile is Very Alluring
    Written by AmastrisDratwka 21 hours ago
    THIS REVIEW IS ONLY BASED ON THIS MOVIE, NOT THAT OF THE ORIGINAL WORK. ***SPOILER ALERT***SPOILER ALERT*** [If you haven't read the novel, watched the TV drama version, and know nothing… read more
  • Memories of Matsuko
    Written by Johnson-Shampoo 1 day ago
    A beautiful psychedelic tragic comedy is the memories of Matsuko . This movie is smart innovate, gave me requiem for a dream feels mixed with momento flashes . I was hooked after 5… read more
  • Days of Being Wild
    Written by Jianne 2 days ago
    I've finally completed Wong Kar-wai's "Informal Trilogy" in such a weird sequence: In the Mood for Love, 2046 and now Days of Being Wild. If I've said that… read more
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