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  • For the Emperor
    Written by Geanina 9 hours ago
    Another action packed movie, or should I say another blood bath passed for a story line? Very graphic, as this new trend in K movies seems to be a MUST lately. It's not the blood splashing… read more
  • Murderer
    Written by Ari_Lee 10 hours ago
    This movie was short when compared to other Korean movies I have watched. It was, also, sort of a spontaneous kind of watch since I hadn't planned on watching it just yet. I'm going… read more
  • Kanojo wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru
    Written by sternchen 1 day ago
    I can't believe noone wrote a review yet! This was the best Japanese romance production I have seen to date. The acting was stunning. The fine skills exhibited by all the cast (also… read more
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For me, both had almost same story...cute & heartwarming...just projected from two different perspectives! ^^*
Recommended by raiona
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The same chemistry. Both of their romance touch your heart in a natural, gentle, sweet and deep way.
Recommended by athu
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Both movies have a very distinctive style. Both are good, but Hard Romanticker keeps you glued to the screen when Love Exposure fades after a brilliant start. Hard Romanticker is more violent, but on some parts very funny, if you have a certain sense of humor. However both are worth watching if you enjoy this kind of films.
Recommended by Hasumi17