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  • Ichi the Killer
    Written by dontmindmeyo 16 hours ago
    Ichi the Killer would be the perfect movie for someone who loves gore and violence, so it comes to say this movie is most definitely not for the faint-hearted and does require taste.… read more
  • Kimi ni Todoke
    Written by MaiDa 18 hours ago
    Marvellous. The best romance story I've seen so far! ^__^ And the movie was (I have to say surprisingly) well done! I didn't expect it to amaze me since I liked the anime so much and… read more
  • Lovely Complex
    Written by MaiDa 1 day ago
    The reason why most of us pick to watch this is the manga/anime. But I think it would be even better to watch this before those two... It is not a copy/paste of the anime... It ends… read more
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For me, both had almost same story...cute & heartwarming...just projected from two different perspectives! ^^*
Recommended by raiona
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The same chemistry. Both of their romance touch your heart in a natural, gentle, sweet and deep way.
Recommended by athu
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Both movies have a very distinctive style. Both are good, but Hard Romanticker keeps you glued to the screen when Love Exposure fades after a brilliant start. Hard Romanticker is more violent, but on some parts very funny, if you have a certain sense of humor. However both are worth watching if you enjoy this kind of films.
Recommended by Hasumi17