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  • SPEC: The Movie
    Written by BrightestStar 2 days ago
    This movie is a continuation of the story that started in the 2010 Drama Keizoku 2: SPEC and the 2012 Special SPEC ~ Sho. What I loved most about this movie is exactly the same as… read more
  • The Monkey King
    Written by Cheer 2 days ago
    With all the opinions jumping right and left about this film, I had a hard time setting my expectations. When I finally came around this film, I decided to just jump into it without… read more
  • Dance Of The Dragon
    Written by ShreeyaSharma 2 days ago
    The movie was in one word - beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed each moment throughout the film. The pace of the story is a little on the slower side but that didn't put me off at all,… read more
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