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Chinese Movie - 2014


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Chinese Movie - 2014


  • 8.0
Japanese Movie - 1998

Dr. Akagi, a rural physician in Japan during WWII, wages a one-man crusade against hepetitis, earning him a reputation as "Dr. Liver." But his fanatic campaign brings him into disfavor with the Japanese army, and as the war seems more and more hopeless for the Japanese, Dr. Akagi finds himself increasingly…

  • 7.0
Japanese Movie - 1997

Acting on the advice of an anonymous note, Takuro Yamashita returns home early one night to find his wife in bed with another man. He kills her and then turns himself in to the police. After being released from prison, he opens a barber shop. He helps save Keiko Hattori from a suicide attempt, after…

  • 6.3
Chinese Movie - 2001

A seventeen-year-old country boy working in Beijing as a courier has his bicycle stolen, and finds it with a schoolboy his age.

  • 6.7
Chinese Movie - 2007

Blind Mountain follows a young woman, Bai Xuemei, in the early 1990s who recently graduated from college and attempts to find work to help pay for her brother's education. In the process, she is drugged, kidnapped and sold as a bride to a villager in the Qin Mountains of China's Shaanxi province. Trapped…

  • 7.8
Japanese Movie - 1997

"Fourth grader Takashi (Hidaka Yoshitomo) and four other classmates struggle to master a move on the horizontal bar - a move their gym teacher states that they must learn or they will be failures in life. While Takashi attempts to master this move he thinks back to his dysfunctional family including…

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Japanese Movie - 1998

"The landlady, Miss Nezu, is an efficient type who regularly visits odd octogenarian Mrs. Okubo (who screams each day at noon "so people will know I am still alive") and reveals to Mr. Shibuya the empty flat papered with sketched self-portraits where she spends most of her free time. Another tenant,…

  • 5.3
Chinese Movie - 1934

Street walker by night, devoted mother by day, a woman fights to get her young son an education amid criminal and social injustice in China.

  • 7.9
Korean Movie - 2014

The film is about "people who are dissatisfied with the country carrying out a kidnapping plan and take revenge toward the people who reign over them", according to Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB). "Regarding the images, it included heavily violent content throughout the whole film", said an official…

  • 6.5
Japanese Movie - 1998

Bullet Ballet (バレット・バレエ) is a Japanese film directed by and starring Shinya Tsukamoto, and co-starring Hisashi Igawa, Sujin Kim, Kirina Mano, Takahiro Murase, Tatsuya Nakamura and Kyoka Suzuki.[1] After his girlfriend commits suicide, a man (Shinya Tsukamoto) becomes embroiled in gang…

  • 7.7
Japanese Movie - 1995

A businessman, Tsuda, runs into a childhood friend, Tajuki, on the subway. Tajuki is working as a semiprofessional boxer. Tsuda soon begins to suspect that Tajuki might be having an affair with his fiance Hizuru. After an altercation, Tsuda begins training rigorously himself, leading to an extremely…

  • 6.4
Japanese Movie - 1999

A successful doctor, Yukio's picture perfect life is gradually wrecked, and taken over by his avenging twin brother, who bumps off his family members one by one and reclaims his lover who is now Yukio's wife.

  • 7.1
Japanese Movie - 1987

It is the end of the 20th century. The Metropolitan Police have begun to lose control of the city; crime runs rampant and people are no longer safe. The solution: the establishment of the Anti Vicious Crime Heavily Armored Mobile Special Investigations Unit. Created by men and women of high intellect…

  • 6.8

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