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Korean Movie - 2014

The story of Korean history’s most astonishing military victory by its greatly revered strategist, Admiral Yi Sunshin. The film focuses on the admiral's legendary victory in the Myeongnyang Strait (near Jindo Island) against the Japanese navy. It was a decisive maritime moment that had significant…

  • 8.6
Chinese Movie - 2009

City of Life and Death takes place in 1937, during the height of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Imperial Japanese Army has just captured the then-capital of the Republic of China, Nanjing. What followed was known as the Nanking Massacre, or the Rape of Nanking, a period of several weeks wherein tens…

  • 8.6
Japanese Movie - 1962

Sanjuro is a 1962 black-and-white Japanese samurai film directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshirō Mifune. It is a sequel to Kurosawa's previous film Yojimbo, with Mifune reprising his role as a wandering ronin. The film combines action and humour, and is lighter in tone than its predecessor.

  • 8.6
Korean Movie - 2005

The film is based on a true story.Based on true story, “Little Brother” marks the debut feature of Korean director Lim Tae Yong and is another in the ever popular family melodrama genre. This time around the film focuses on the familiar subject of life threatening illness, as a twelve year old boy…

  • 8.6
Japanese Movie - 2010

Even though being able to withdraw from the Liar Game Tournament, Kanzaki Nao decides to join Akiyama Shinichi and nine other players for the final stage, ”The Garden of Eden game”, which offers a 5 billion yen prize. The players are informed that if all of them can work together, they can all become…

  • 8.6
Korean Movie - 2013

Troubled celebrity Choong Ui gets into trouble with the law. He is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to be closed down. While working at the hospice, he is able to come to terms with his own psychological wounds and, at the same time, help…

  • 8.6
Hong Kong Movie - 2002

Chan Wing Yan, a young police officer, has been sent undercover as a mole in the local mafia. Lau Kin Ming, a young mafia member, infiltrates the police force. Years later, their older counterparts, Chen Wing Yan and Inspector Lau Kin Ming, respectively, race against time to expose the mole within their…

  • 8.6
Korean Movie - 2014

Oh Mal Soon is a 74-year-old lady who loves to cuss, and showing off her son is her only ray of light. One day she finds out her family is sending her to her home. She takes a walk in the night and finds herself attracted to the light of "Youth Photo Studio". She gets made up for the first time in her…

  • 8.6
Chinese Movie - 2015

The story centers on two witnesses who see a murder and collaborate to take the killer down.

  • 8.5
Korean Movie - 2015

The movie centers around an elderly romance between Sung Chil (Park Geun Hyung) and Geum Nim (Yoon Yeo Jung), and portrays family values.

  • 8.5
Korean Movie - 2006

Yu-Jung has now attempted her third suicide attempt. Her disdain for her mother and indifference to the rest of the world, isolates her from any chance for happiness. Yu-Jung also has an aunt named Sister Monica. Her aunt often goes to prison to meet with death row inmates. Sister Monica meets a new…

  • 8.5
Japanese Movie - 2015

Kudo Sayaka is a 2nd grade high school student. She is a gal who wears miniskirts and has her hair dyed blonde. Even though she is a high school student, her actual academic grade level is on par with 4th grade elementary school students. During the summer, Sayaka attends a private institution. There,…

  • 8.5
Japanese Movie - 2015

One day, Takamiya Naho receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. As Naho reads on, the letter recites the exact events of the day, including the transfer of a new student into her class named Naruse Kakeru. ~~ Adapted from the manga with the same name written/drawn by Takano…

  • 8.5
Korean Movie - 2012

The confusing and conspiratorial 15th ruler of Korea's Joseon Dynasty King Gwang Hae orders his secretary of defense, Heo Gyun, to find him a double in order to avoid the constant threat of assassination. Heo Gyeon finds Ha Seon, a lowly acrobat and bawdy joker who looks remarkably like the king, and…

  • 8.5

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