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Park Se Young

Se Young Park


  • Name: Park Se Young
  • Native name: 박세영
  • Also Known as: Park Se Yeong
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: July 30, 1988
  • Age: 29

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Se Young Park

Se Young Park

  • Name: Park Se Young
  • Native name: 박세영
  • Also Known as: Park Se Yeong
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: July 30, 1988
  • Age: 29
Park Se Young is a Korean actress. She attended Sang Myung University but knew that she really wanted to pursue an acting career as soon as possible. She got her first acting role on the show "If Tomorrow Comes" in 2011. The show was very popular with fans. Although she only had a small part on the show, it helped to boost her own popularity.
Then, in 2012, she was given a large role on the new television show "The Equator Man". In addition, in 2012, she also appeared on the television series "Love Rain". In addition, she began acting in another 2012 show, this time a historical romance, called "Faith". Although her roles have, so far, been mostly small ones, she continues to gain positive attention from fans and critics for her excellent acting skills.
(Source: Dramafever)
Year Title # Role Rating
2017 Money Flower
Korean Drama, 2017, 50 eps
Na Mo Hyun (Main Role)
Na Mo Hyun
Main Role
2017 Whisper
Korean Drama, 2017, 17 eps
Choi Soo Yeon (Main Role)
Choi Soo Yeon
Main Role
2016 A Beautiful Mind
Korean Drama, 2016, 14 eps
Kim Min Jae (Main Role)
Kim Min Jae
Main Role
2015 My Daughter Geum Sa Wol
Korean Drama, 2015, 51 eps
Oh Hye Sang (Main Role)
Oh Hye Sang
Main Role
2014 Glorious Day
Korean Drama, 2014, 44 eps
Jung Da Jung (Main Role)
Jung Da Jung
Main Role
2013 A Tale of Two Sisters
Korean Drama, 2013, 135 eps
Choi Se Yeong (Main Role)
Choi Se Yeong
Main Role
2013 School 2013 Special
Korean Special, 2013, 1 eps
Song Ha Kyung (Support Role)
Song Ha Kyung
Support Role
2013 Flower Boy Next Door
Korean Drama, 2013, 16 eps
Manga Artist, Jin-Rak's pupil (16th ep.) (Guest Role)
Manga Artist, Jin-Rak's pupil (16th ep.)
Guest Role
2012 School 2013
Korean Drama, 2012, 16 eps
Song Ha Kyung [Student] (Main Role)
Song Ha Kyung [Student]
Main Role
2012 Faith
Korean Drama, 2012, 24 eps
Princess Noh Goog (Support Role)
Princess Noh Goog
Support Role
2012 Don't Worry, It's a Ghost
Korean Special, 2012, 1 eps
[Girl at the movie theater] (Guest Role)
[Girl at the movie theater]
Guest Role
2012 Love Rain
Korean Drama, 2012, 20 eps
Mi Ho [Sun Ho's younger sister] (Support Role)
Mi Ho [Sun Ho's younger sister]
Support Role
2012 The Equator Man
Korean Drama, 2012, 20 eps
Choi Soo Mi [Young] (Support Role)
Choi Soo Mi [Young]
Support Role
2011 If Tomorrow Comes
Korean Drama, 2011, 51 eps
Seo Yoo Jin (Support Role)
Seo Yoo Jin
Support Role
Year Title Role Rating
2015 The Cat Funeral
Korean Movie, 2015,
Jae Hee (Main Role)
Jae Hee
Main Role
2014 Fashion King
Korean Movie, 2014,
Park Hye Jin (Main Role)
Park Hye Jin
Main Role
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