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Qiao Kimi was a Chinese actor. Kimi also was known as a singing sensation. Kimi debuted as an Idol singer, and reached to fame with his performance in the movie 'Nightclubs'. He gained further fame through the reputation he garnered through his professionalism and down to earth personality. He was also known to be a fan of American Rock, which further set him apart as he progressed towards a career away from sports towards music. He also took part in numerous commercials and was a popular endorser for known brands.
Unfortunately, on September 16, 2016, he was found dead at his house, and the police suspect it to be a suicide.

Qiao Kimi

Kimi Qiao


  • Name: Qiao Kimi
  • Native name: 乔任梁
  • Given name: Qiao Ren Liang
  • Also Known as: Kimi/Kimi Qiao/ 喬任梁/ Millet/ Liang Liang/ Sunny Doll
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: October 15, 1987
  • Died: September 16, 2016