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ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Nov 28, 1988

DJ on EDS 88.5 radio and actor under GMMTV.

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Aug 16, 1990

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 15, 0000

ChineseGender: MaleBirthday: May 23, 1990

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 10, 1987

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 2, 1995

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Mar 20, 1963

South KoreanGender: FemaleBirthday: Nov 30, -0001

ChineseGender: MaleBirthday: Oct 27, 1993

John Wu is an actor, model, and national fitness athlete.

South KoreanGender: MaleBirthday: Jun 3, 1986

ThaiGender: MaleBirthday: Sep 12, 1984

Saranyu Winaipanit (Nickname: Ice) is a Thai singer, actor, DJ and model. He is the son of two Thai teachers. Winaipanit is most commonly known by his fans as Ice Saranyu or Prince of Smile.

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Oct 6, 1982

ChineseGender: FemaleBirthday: Jul 6, 0000

JapaneseGender: MaleBirthday: Sep 5, 1991

Model, Actor from Osaka. He's affiliated with Ruby Parade Agency. He's particularly well-known in the Stage Play world. His most important roles include Mikoto Souh from [K], Heshikiri Hasebe from Touken Ranbu, Karamatsu from Osomatsu-san, Imaizumi Shunsuke from Yowamushi Pedal and Masakage from Tenka…